The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1902)

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Ee CAZINE, 2a MA ofr Porunar ‘Setcnce| | Fue Lecture Reom ANDO THE Bomesric Cigcre NOVEMBER, 1902. Price 2d. Post free 34. CONTENTS. Mere Mention 6 7 a 4 6 From the Inyenter’s Note Rook ie : . IS Enlarging for Pictorial Work .. ay i oe JY A Lantern Slide Reducing Camera oe 20 Thro’ our Lantern .. uy ie ‘ ie 72 Correspondence : ie a ate a O28 Answers to Correspondence ws be ve ae “24 Patent Intelligence .. ns oe i .. 24 Profession: Lianternists’ Register = : 25 Lhe Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Tnlerger is issued on the Ist of every month, price ‘Twopence, and may be obtained from all Newsvendors, Railway News Stalls, Photographic Dealers or from the Publishers, at the following rates, post free :— 12 months au ; ee ind 3/ Advertisements (Scale of Charges), displayed :— £os d. Front and back pages, by arrangement. Ordinary page (whole) an we 38 O00 3 » (half)... se . 1 1A 0 rr » Cynarter) . . Ll 0 0 ¥ » Celghth) vai bine 10 0 5» per 1] inch in column... 6 0 ” so Bos shoes 3°00; EXCHANGE Column, General Wants, &e., (not Tradej)— First 20 words, 6d. : words, ld. Small Advertisements must reach the oflice not later thin the first post on the 20th of the month, All cheques and postal orders to be made payable to the Magic Lantern Journal Company, Limited. aud for every 3 additional All communications should be addressed to The Magie Lantern Journal Company, Ltd., Prince’s Chambers, 6, Corporation Street, Birmingham, Notice of Removal. The Registered Office of the Magie Lantern Journal Company, Ltd., is 9a, Carthusian Street, London, .C., to Prinee’s Chambers, 6, Corporation Street, Birmingham. <And the Optical Magic Lantern Journal will be published from the address, Monthly, under the Editorship of ALFRED H. SAUNDERS, to whom all comof the removed fron same munications relating to the business Company and the Journal should be addressed. See eH LONDON READERS .. ...and the TRADE can obtain copies of the Journal from F. BRETT, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, E.C. American Agents :—The International News Co., 83 and 85, Duane Street, New York City.