The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1902)

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AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. i. Absclutely first “MOSS” patent independent central jets. 2 burner 10/6, 4 burner 15/-. Six seasons’ use prove them the best. There are other 5 good jets, and a lot of me. first class generators, ES) you cannot get the selection anywhere else. Send stamp for list. What about that new drawer tray 2/6, and that tray purifer 5/-2 Why ! they are worth having. for ACETYLENE. Now then, wake up! Acetylene Gas is the light for you, Better than any oil lamp. Lanternists, Better than mantles. Nearly as good as limelight, besides being Less trouble and more reliable than any of them, and quite as safe if not safer. Send stamp for illustrated catalogue to the only practical lantern experts, who make a speciality of Acetylene. R. J. MOSS & SONS, 98, Snow Hill, Birmingham. Established 1896, Through Passage Metallic Bellows Gauge, 33/-. Regulator. ; >on ‘2 ¢, 8 2 xO 34 > Patent), 1 Spring Back, and any Union Fitted with Safet Check With regulator, 53/20/ THE SCOTCH & B.P. Combination Key. IRISH OXYGEN Co., Tee Connection. Blacked, 7/6; Plated, 8/6. Ltd., 6/6. GLASGOW. “OPTIMUS”? Magic Lanterns, For DRAWING-ROOM and LECTURE HALL. Limelight adapted,'14s. extra, or in lieu of lamp, 7s. 6d. definition, ” Each Lantern is elficient for Exhibitions. Japanned Metal Body... Russian fr Mahogany Outside Body Mahogany Outside Body, Staves, and 3-draw Sliding ‘Tubes .:. ae Stock’s Patent Lamp (109 Candle power) extra The Lens gives crisp being a superior Achromatic Photographic Combination, with Rack and Pinion, Compound Condenser of 4 in, diameter, 3wick Refulgent Lamp. 4-wick Lamp, 2s. extra. £ os. 1 10 1 16 2 8 3 15 4 5 4 14 Complete in box. oo onoooco” 99 + (superior) ais ace bes on Body, Brass Sliding Tube (College Lantern) (superior) perforated ” ” ” ” ” »” 2-Pannelled Doors, Brass 6 0 15 Optimus Perforated Body Lantern—as diagram £4 5 6. CATALOGUES POST FREE. PERKEN, SON & Co., Limited, 99, Hatton Garden, LONDON. Kindly mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.