The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1902)

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AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER, 17 The English Baptist Church at Oswestry, had a lantern illustrated lecture on the Colloseum at Rome on Thursday, October 9th, in the new church, when Mr. Samuel Lea, of Kinsale, took the chair. Mr. J. W. Scholefield, of J.iverpool, showed, some magnificent photographic views of some of the principal Italian architectural and ecclesiastical buildings. Mr. Charles E. Williams assisted with his lantern. Church Missionary Van.—Mr. G. Wyatt, on Friday, October 10th, gave wu lecture at Merther Church Schoolroom, Truro, on the Society’s work in Lower India, illustrated with lime-lght lantern views. University Extension Lectures at Rotherham.—On Thursday, October 10th, the first of a course of six University Extension Lectures on the subject of England and her neighbours in the East,” was delivered in the Rotherham Town Hall Assembly Rooms. The lecturer, Mr. Jan C. Hannah, M.A., formerly the master of the English school at Tientsin, dealt in an able and interesting way with “The Decay of Oriental States, and its Causes.” The lime-light lantern was brought into use for the purpose of showing the illustrative slides. The Mayor (Ald. Winter) presided. Birmingham Sunday Lecture Society. A crowded audience attended the Birmingham Town Hall on Sunday, October 12th, when Mr. Frederick Lambert, I'.R.G.S., delivered a lecture on the “Crystal Caves of New South Wales.” Professor Jordan Lloyd introduced the lecturer in a racy little speech, remarking that primitive man was content to live in caves and holes, and he sometimes thought it a pity we did not do likewise, as there are so many inconveniences attached to living in modern houses. Perhaps after hearing the lecture some among the audience might be tempted to try the experiment. ‘I'he lecture proved to be one of the most interesting given by the society, the lantern slides giving an excellent idea of the charm and beauty of the subterranean world to be found at Jenolan. Shaftesbury Industrial Betterment Lectures.—On Monday, October 13th, a lecture, entitled “ Britain’s Homes,” illustrated with lantern views and animated photographs, was given at the Cutler’s Banqeting Hall, Sheftield, by Mr. Budgett Meakin. Alderman Franklin presided, and the lecture, which is one of the Shaftesbury Industrial Betterment Lectures, was delivered under the auspices of the Sheftield Federated Health Council. The object of these lectures is to widen and deepen popular interest in the conditions under which the working classes of our cities live and labour, and to enlist support for all remedial measures, whether public or private, from those till now indifferent. Cravén.—On Monday, October 13th, an interesting lecture was given in the Priends’ Meeting House by Mr. TH. IX. Clarke on mission work in Madagascar, illustrated by a scrics of new lantern slides on the work and customs of the people. Mr. Clark has been a missionary in the island for 30 years. Teignmouth East Cliff Literary Society opened their winter session, October 13th, when Dr. R. V. Solly, of Exeter, gave an interesting lecture on ‘“ Mimicry in Insect Life,” The lecture was illustrated by means of lime-light views. Messrs D. W. and E. E. Noakes provided the first of the season’s entertainments given at the Library, St. Mary Cray, on Tuesday evening, October 14th. The programme comprised a dioramic lecture, by Mr. D. W. Noakes, the subject of which was “England Bisected by a Steam Launch,” which was profusely illustrated with slides. Ether Saturators.—It has been mentioned to us that Ether Saturators are dangerous, and in conversation with an old Lanternist, he mentioned that he could not afford to risk his reputation by having the failures at exhibitions as he knows others have had. We know from practical experience that Saturators are good things, and in the hands of careful workers they give good results. And as we believe they only want to be better known and tested, to become articles of gencral use, we will open our columns for a consensus of opinion as to their general utility. We want to get at facts——Why a failure occurred,—How it was overcome? or what resulted. Also, results of successful workers and their experiences. We don’t want geveral assertions, nor hearsay, but honest expressions of difficulties, and what was done with them. The British Industrial Commission’s Visit to America.—\s illustrating the great interest which is being taken in the United States respecting that projected visit to that country of the British Industrial Comunission, Mr. Mosely has just received a cablegram from