The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1902)

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AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. lil. Church Army Lantern and Lantern Slide Works, Full Price List, 8d., post free, of the Finest Selection of 130, EDGWARE ROAD, W. Church and secular Slides in the world, on Sale or Hire. Full stock of latest in Lanterns, Limelight and Acetylene Apparatus and Accessories always in stock on Sale or Hire. Slides prepared from Customer's Negatives. Prints, &c., and colored in three different styles. Lantern and Cinematograph Lectures given in town or country by experienced operators. Over 40 New /Mustrated Addresses and Silent Sermons. eutitled *‘ Life Dramas,”’ now ready. Hours 9 to 5. Saturdays 9 to 1. Notice of Removal. La Photographie Se Du Nu (), VW. LOCKE ) (THE NUDE IN PHOTOGRAPHY), By C. KLARY. MOSSLEY HOUSE, oe La Photographie du Nu deals fully with the subject SINCLAIR ROAD, of the Nude in Photography as regards the artistic KENSINGTON, W. | __ ‘sls be ohisined La Photographie du Nu contains one hundred repro AND ductions of Photographs by the most famous Artist EGYPTIAN HALL, PICCADILLY, Photographers of all countries. LONDON, W. La Photographie du Nu presents a unique collection . of the most Artistic Pictures obtained with the Camera Great success of Locke’s New Patent from living Models. en : ee High Power Jets, 1,600 to 2,000 C.P. Price, Hight Shillings, Post Free. guaranteed. All kinds of high class projection | From C. KLARY, apparatus made to order. ‘Editor of “Le Photogramme,” Expert in all Lantern matters. 13 RUE TAITBOUT, PARIS. TH Uou Wish te Anew... 1.—What focus of lens is required to reproduce a certain size of disc, at a given distance ; 2.—What size of disc can be produced by a lens of given focus at a stated distance ; ; 3.—What distance a lantern must be from the screen to produce a certain sized disc with a lens of given focus ; SEND 2%d. FOR A Ready Reference Table (ON CARDBOARD), By J. HAY TAYLOR. FASTEN IT ON THE LID OF LANTERN BOX. Magic Lantern Journal C@o., Ltd., Prince’s Chambers, Corporation Street, Birmingham. Kindly mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.