The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1902)

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ly. TU OPTICAL MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL Photographic and Microscopic Class. Lantern and Camera Glass, Positive Glass, Opalines, Backs and Boxes. Vignetting Glasses. Plate Glass Cutting Shapes, Matt Surface Opals. Ruby, Orange, and other Colowed Glass. MICROSCOPICAL THIN GLASS in Squares and Circles, Slides, &c. JAMES D. GRIFFIN, FLOODGATE ST., BIRMINGHAM. Prof. Burton’s Note Books, Nos. l, 3, 4, and 5 now ready. Four New, Original, and Up-to-date Works. All with Illustrations. No. 1 Man Know Thyself. Price 3d. The text Science and Philosophy forall the ** Note Books.” No. 3 Phrenology and Palmistry Compared. Price 6d. The Truth here, offends some Phrenologists. No. 4 Drunkards, Moderate Drinkers, Teetotalers. Price 6d. A Text Book for Psycho-Character-Readers. No. 5 Phrenology, Evil and the Devil. Price 6d. A Plain, Clear statement Order from All Post Free, 1/11. C. BURTON, County Chambers, Corporation St., BIRMINGHAM. Cinematographs. THE IMPERIAL ROTOGRAPH Combined Lantern and Cinematograph. FOR 1,000 FEET OF FILM. Sunk Film Cage. Films never Injured. Every Improvement. Special supply Feed (Hughes’ Patent). Living Picture and Lantern Picture superimpose in size and position. Why pay £45 when you get this high-class technical outfit. for only £21 10s. A marvel at the price. THE ROTAGRAPH COMBINED Lantern ant Crncmiatograph Same principle for 150-ft. as per drawing. Redneed to £16 16. q ¥ Established over 30 years. W.C.Hughes Specialist. Magic Lanterns. HUGHES’ MARVELLOUS PAMPHENGOS, NEARLY 4,000 SOLD. The finest oil-lighted Lantern extant. Gives brilliant 10 to 14 feet pictures, No smell. No smoke. No broken glasses. £ ineh finest Condensers and large front Lenses, clegant brass sliding fronts. Reduced to £3 10s. Particnlars free. ‘The Universal four-wick Lantern, 18s. 6d. Marvellous value. Wandsome brassfronted Bi-unial Lanterns, £6 10s. Blow-throngh Jets, $s.6. Mixed Gas ditto, 12s. The Doewra, the Grand, and the Miniature Malden Yriples, Superb instruments, as supplied to Madame Patti, Professor Malden, Royal Polytechnic, ete. Before purchasing get Hughes’ Grandly Tlustrated Catalogue, 180 original engravings, price Gu., postage dd. Giving valuable information. Bijou ditto, dd. free. List of 60,000 Slides, Gd., postage 3d. Cheapest and best Lantern Outfits in the world. Hughes’ Great B1 Pictoroscope for showing animated pictures. 22 to 20 feet pictures, Perfection. Kclipses all others Superb mechanism. Hughes’ Living Picture Photo-Rotoscope. A little gem. Wliekering nil. Can be attached to any lantern, will give with oil, 4 feet pictures; limelight 10 to 14 feet pictures. Price, No. 1 with lantern complete, £11 lis. ; without, £7 7s. No. 2, £13 13s, and £9 Os., equal to machines costing £20 to £50 each, Hughes’ Photo-Rotoscope Peep Show. The greatest mouey-taker of the LWth century ; animated pictures in the open air, Winter or Summer. Vourteen people can see at one time. Nota toy, but high-class: price, complete with machine, #12 12s. JMnsteated Catalogues of Cinematographs of above, Sd. Sunil ditto, 4d. Hughes’ Moto Photoscope Reversing Cinematograph. Note the Adurcss if you want Perfection in either Cinematographs, Lanterns, or Effects— Brewster House, 82, Mortimer Road, Kingsland, LONDON, N. W. P. THOMPSON & CO., (ONLY ADDRESSES) 322, High Holborn, London, W.C. ® RW AND 6, Lord Street, Liverpool. Chartered Patent Agents. Patents secured, maintained, defended and worked in all countries. : , infringements given, and expert evidence arranged. Oppositions conducted, searches made, opinions on Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights secured and defended in all countries granting protection, Handkook of Patent Law. Twelfth Edition. British Portion, Gd. All countries, 2/6.