The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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2A MAGAZINE Porvnan Gortnce Tue Lecture Room ANO THE Domestic Circe Vol. 13.—No. 153. DECEMBER, 1902. Price 2d. Post Free, 3d. The Dreadnought Generator Produces the Brilliant Acetylene Flame Automatically and with perfect safety. An ideal light for the lantern or for enlarging purposes. Under perfect control. Can be turned on and off like ordinary gas. Can be kept charged ready to light at any time. No escape of gas. hence no smell. Everything’ complete for Lantern, £2 2s. The ‘CYNICUS’ series of HUMOUROUS LANTERN SLIDES, each a sermon without ‘words. Over 100 subjects, beautifully coloured. 18/per dozen. Try them on the sheet. 50 slides sent on hire for one night, post free, 4/-, to any part of the Bhitish islands. If 24 : are kept, no hire charges are made. Full particulars free. OMe where thy love W. TYLAR, 4, High St., Aston, BIRMINGHAM. lies dreaming New F.B. Acetylene Dissolver, absoeae. ; : lutely perfect. Independent bye passes. fF Specialities aré celebrated for their a SB Snapping out, when dissolving, impos. age sible. Patent applied for. excellence and reliability, Price, 42/-. Without Cut Off, 35/-. CPCS These are some of the F.B. Manufactures. Send for complete Illustrated List, FREE. OO) eae) New Pattern F.B. High Power Jet, with Cut Off. Price 10/-. 1,500 to 2,000 c.p. easily obtained, ‘even by a novice.” F. BROWN, apparatus Cinematogranhs ete. 10, Gate St, Holborn, London, W.C.