The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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THE OPTICAL uwacic LANTERN JOURNAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. Pendant Saturator |" Mew Swe Cinematograph Jet. ‘TO OXYC! g Tarseast ABSOLUTELY : SAFE. ‘ iy * * TOHYOROCEN TAP OF JET = 7 Z No special skill required. It is filled like a lamp, and is as easily managed. A boon to Lan2,000 Candle Power. OVERFLOW PLUG ¢) ternists who now The Gwyer High-Power Jets are struggle with in|| now used by all the principal lanternferior compressed || jects OVERFLOW coal gas 7 eLuc a | Silent and Economical, yet capable = s of giving more light than any other jet. CATALOGUE FREE, giving useful hints on the management of Limelight. FREE TRIAL allowed. J. S. WILLWAY & SONS, St. Augustine’s, BRISTOL. THE WORLDS’ HEADQUARTERS FOR iy, WES or" \ + . WF Animated Photography, 44 WO? WARWICK TRADING COMPANY, LTD. /” 4, & 5, Warwick Court, — a t High Holborn — ~~ G~ ra Sb LONDON/ WG" Ry Z| eZ geet a aoe: aD, ? PAS +). i