The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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il. THE OPTICAL magic LANTERN JOURNAL General elovertisements. A PROFESSIONAL lanternist and cinematographist A of great experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. —Address, Optics, 44, Lorrimore Road, Kennington, London, 8. E.° TTENTION. Two single Riley’s Praestantia lanterns, almost new, each complete, £3 and £3 10s. Demenys Chrono Projector, complete, £5 10s. ITarold Barr, Woolton, Liverpool. EARD’S regulator wanted, second-hand preferred. —Potter, Silverbirch Road, Erdington. RAND New Dioramic Dissolving Effect Sets, in (; the finest miniature painting, unique and unrivalled, used in the imost successful exhibitions now before the public. Send for lists. —Edimund H. Wilkie, as below. QLCANIC Eruptions and disturbances in the West Indian Islands, shewing the scenes before and during the eruptions, and yielding faithful repre sentations of the appalling catastrophies which are now devastating these heantiful islands. Send for lists. — Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. M ARTINIQUK, Mount Pelee, and St. Pierre. Send for lists. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ,OR sale—Steel cylinder, 15 ft. and stand, Beard’s k regulator, pressure guage, piixing jet, reading lamp and polished bi-unial lantern body only. Full particulars sent on application to A. W. Yallop, 25, Gerrard Street, Islington, N. OR Sale CHEAP. Seventy slides (plain) of Paris Exhibition, by York & Son. ‘Slides,’? 84, Cliurch Street, Clapham Road, London. $.W. * RAND Victor Concert Phonograph, taking ordinary (,; and concert records, recorder, reproducer, two horns, one 3Uin. brass, folding tripod and fifty records. Cash, £10. Harold Barr, Woolton, Liverpool. RIDIRON Saturator, £2. Patent Silver Lantern J Sereen, six feet, 18/cost double. Tylares Universal Slide printing frame, 2/6. ‘Tylar’s Sharp Shooter Shde Carrier, 2/6. Wood's Washer, 9/-. Wimshurst Electrical Machine, twelve inch plates, 20/-. (iramophone, #3. Graphone, fitted with Bet tini Reproducer, £4. Typewriter, 50/-. Professor de Frere, 8, Princess Street, Tunbridge Wells. | ce: front tubes interlapping 44 by 4 in. diam., drawing to 7 in. O.G. front, lacquered brass, for single or hi-unial lanterns, single pair posted | d/. ‘Trade supplied. Hume, 1, Lothian St., Edinburgh . CPCHE Polar ship “ Fram” and other Norweigian Lan tern Slides, Interesting set of 48 slides, containing the Polar ship “Fram” and her return to Christiania, Thelemarken people and nature, views from Christiania, and neighhourhood, &c. Price 11/doz,, post free, and every additional slide J0d. each, Against remittance of Mj} hy Post. Money Order, Iwill send two dozens on approval, against 16/three dozens, and against 21/four dozens. Apply to H 4. M. Rolsted 13, Dronningensgade, Christiania, Norway. SECOND-HAND SLIDES. 44d. each (painted), including Life models, ‘Temperance, religious, Flower Studies, Comic, Mottoes, Effects, Hymms, ete. Send to us for your slide making and painting. Lists free. T. T. WING, 12, High Street, Chesterton, Cambs. 1U years at Chatteris. LANTERN SLIDES. King and Queen in Coronation Robes, Coronation Procession, Canadian Arch, ete., 12 slides, 6/6 free. Indian Camp, First Decorations, ete., London views, Cathedrals, Flowets, Sunsets, Wavex, Devonshire, Edinburgh, Switzerland, the Zvo, Men of War, ete. ; 6/the dozen. Catalogue 3d., lists free. JOHN STABB, Babbacombe Road, TORQUAY. SCAPE of the Steamer ‘ Roddam’’ froni the har hour of St. Pierre. One of the must thrilling eftects ever designed for the lantern. A grand effect set. Send for lists. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ~T. VINCENT, Eruption of the Soufriére. Scene S in the Island hy day, with its typical buildings and tropical foliage. An interesting and thoroughly effective sect of present and lasting value. Send for lists. Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ~RAND Naval Coronation Review at Spithead. A G very beautiful dioramic effect, with novel changes and chromatic variations. An indispensable effect for the present season, in the finest work ; new and striking. Send for lists. —Edimund H. Wilkic, as below. ORONATION Decorations. A series of high class effect sets elaborately worked on photo vasex, cach set consisting of two slides—The Canadian Arech—The Bank—Statute of Queen Victoria at Blackfriars with novel original effect—The Mansion House—Marlborough House. Send for lists. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. DMUND HU. WILKIE desires it to be distinctly E understood that these effects are produced by the identical artists who formerly painted the grand dioramic and mechanical effects for which the late Royal Polytechnic was so celebrated ; send for list of effects. — Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. NOTOGRAPHS worked up in oil colour, water colour, pure varnish colours, or by the beautiful American process at most reasonable prices ; the best work only; slides prepared by photography or hand painting from negatives, drawings, prints from nature, or from written or verbal description ; every class of mechanical movement supplied or invented for special parposes ; see testimonials. —Edmund II. Wilkie, asx below. ARGAINS in second-hand apparatus and slides ; send for list; a quantity of useful slides, some finest quality land-paintings for disposal at less than half cost.—Edimund H. Wilkie, as below. OLAR flint limes. Reduction in price, the finest S extant. Jarge size cinemato a noble lime 14 inches diameter in tins of six—2/3 post free—ordinary size in tins of one dozen 2/3 post free. Lanternists once using these magnificent limes will use no other.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. \ ILKIE’S balance dissolver for perfect dissolving, 18/each.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. Kindly mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.