The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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29 THE OPTICAL magic LANTERN JOURNAL pleased to place, free of charge, at the disposal of Co-operative Socicties, Young Men’s Institutions, Sunday School Teachers, and such lke Institutions, a sct of lantern slides showing views of some of the principal cities and towns of the Dominion, with their respective industries. ‘The set also includes views of agricultural and mineral life and work, cattle ranching, dairying, «e. Acconipanying each set is a small pamphlet which describes the various views in a shoré and comprehensive manner. The Earth’s beginning. Sir Robert Ball, L.L.D. and I’.R.5, visited Broinley on Thursday evening, Nov. 6th, and delivered his new lecture on “The Karth’s Beginning.” The lecture, as those who are acqueinted witb Sir Robert Ball's lectures knew it would be, proved of a fascinating, as well as instructive character, from beginning to end, and was, doubtless, a beautiful and impressive revelation to not afew of the very large number of people assembled in the Grand Hull, illustrated, as it was, by a great number of truly magnificent views, displayed with extraordinary clearness and brilliancy. Mrs. Sancroft Holmes, of Gawdy Hall, on Monday evening, Noy. 17th, delivered niece illustrated by lanterns views, In the Girls’ Schoolroom, at Harleston. The lecture, which was entitled: “The Daughters of many Lands,’ illustrated virl life, work, customs and costumes in varlous countries. Councillor J. Malins, J.P., of Birmingham, lectured in the George Street Baptist Chapel, Nottingham, on W ednesday, Nov. 19th, on his recent “Tour round the W orld.” The lecture, Which was illustrated by over 100 interesting lime-light illustrations, dealt with temperance work in many lands, and Mr. Malins deseribed at length the operation of prohibition in some of the American States. Yarmouth Camera Club. The fortnightly meeting of this club was held on Tuesday evening, Nov. 18th, when a large number of members and friends acgeniblell to witness an exhibition of over 100 pictures. These consisted of the “Photography ” 1902 Prize Slides, and were exhibited by means of a powerful lime-light lantern. The slides were divided into eleven classes and each class into three sections, Winning a silver or bronze medal, or a certificate. The classes included pictures of child life, land scapes, woodland and lake scenery, Alpine scenery, architecture, wave studies, sunset, effects, yachts, boats, &c., frost and snow, studies of lightning flashes, flowers, and also studies of inicroscopical objects. In addition, a number of slides were shown by the president, and by Messrs. TV. Sayers and ©. Rumbold, Mr. Runbold’s flower studies were greatly admired, as were many of the slides shown by the president. “Liquid Air.’ On Monday, Nov. 17th, Dr. W. Ilampson, M.A‘, addressed a crowded attendance at the Literary and Philosopical Socicty, in the Museum, Leicester, on this subject, which was illustrated by lantern views and experiments. These created considerable interest. After dealing with the atinospheric pressure, the lecturer explained difficulties cncountered in the liquefaction of gases and how they were finally overcome. The temperature of liquid air was twice as much below that of the air as boiling point was above it. Ie also demonstrated the expansive properties of luquid air by means of a model weak but its commercial value was discounted hy its cost. Ile warmed his hearers against embarking i In any Company promoted for the exploitation of liquid air for commercial purposes. KK AHR SK An Interesting Visit. “WT is an ill wind that blows nobody any 4 good.” We hasten to say that this is not advanced as a new or original idea, but having recently had occasion to visit Mr. Udmund H. Wilkie, of 114, Maygrove Road, London, and whose name will be familiar to the readers of the Lantern Journal, we received a new and striking proof of the truth of the old adage. Mr. Wilkie, it is scarcely nececessary to say, has for years made a special study of effect slides for the lantern, and has succeeded in producing some really remarkable results for special purposes. The terrible and appalling disasters which have recently overtaken some of the most beautiful of the West Indian Islands, have he informs us, given the designer of effects the grandest opportunities of late years for the exercise of his particular talent, these volcanic disturbances especially lending themselves to effective Dioramc representation. This opinion would certainly appear to be justified if we may judge by the specimens we saw, a short description of which cannot fail to be of interest to all whose business or pleasure leads them into the higher walks of illustrative projection.