The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. Vil. THE “PRIMUS” MAXLITE GENERATOR, (FOR ACETYLENE). = = The introduction of this apparatus marks a new era in the history of Magic Lanterns. Since the use of Acctylene became popularized by the lower price of Calcium Carbide great improvements have no doubt been made in the various appliances for generating and burning this gas, but we {cel assured, although many attempts have been made, that nothing so efficient as > > > § ’ 2 > y | ? — “The Maxlite Generator” has been offered for sale, and for this reason we are giving ita most prominent position amongst our novelties for this Lantern season. The Generator can be charged with carbide, and when the gas is being used its action is perfectly automatic; by a most ingenious but simple picce of mechanism only the exact amount of carbide necessary to fully inflate the Gas Molde is introduced into the reservoir ata time, and when the gas is turned off the action of the Generator ceases immediately, but it remains quite ready for use at any moment. THE We may call ita ‘‘ High Tfficiency Generator,” because it : ' : y S ) PyVAXLI TE ” will certainly make enough gas to take the fullest advantage of “4 the possible light from a 4-burner jet, and with this the light projected is equal to a blow through limelight jet. oii. a Fu THE = # MAXLITE Py Y ACETYLENE CAS CENERATO! There is no Danger, no Smoke, no Noise. It can be adjusted and made ready for use in ten minutes. All that is necessary is to carefully read the instructions, and at the same me we advise purchasers to make themselves fuily conversant with the machine before giving an exhibition. With one charge of carbide it willtrun a 2-burnes jet con tinuously for three hours, or a 4-burner jet for 1 hours. Owing to the even working of the mechanism and the size of the reservoir, the Generator remains perfectly cool afier :unning for hows, consequently there is no risk of the working parts corroding, and there are no springs to inevitably get out of order. Full Instructions are sent with each Generator. Price complete £2 2 O. W. BUTCHER & SONS, Camera House, St. Bride St., E.@. Kindly mention this Jownal when corresponding with Advertisers.