The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (December 1902)

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vill, THE OPTICAL macic LANTERN JOURNAL THE “INJECTOR” MIXED JET. (JACKSON’S PATENT). PRICE SOs. — IIIS is the only Mixed Gas Jet which will work at full power with coal gas taken direct from the town supply, and oxygen from a cylinder. In order to effect this the oxygen, on its way to the mixing chamber, is made to pass through the small Injector | in the sketch at a pressure of about 12 Ibs. per square inch. In passing through the Injector it sucks a supply of coal gas from the pipe H, which is connected with the house pipe, and forces it forward through the short pipe T into the mixing chamber M. ffere the mixed gases meet the baffle plate B, which has the two-fold effect of silencing the passage of the gases, and ensuring their complete admixture. The mixed gases then pass through holes in the edge of the plate, and so to the burner. The requisite pressure of oxygen is obtained in the ordinary way by a fine tap on the cylinder, or an automate regulator fitted with a high-pressure spring to deliver at about 15 Ibs. pressure. The superiority of this Jet over all others remains fully established. It will yield THE FULL 1,800 TO 2,000 CANDLE-POWER (so-called) of the ordinary mixed jet when taking its supply of coal gas direct: from the town’s pipe, or even froma bag without any pressure at ali. Ifa town’s supp'y is rot available, it will work just as well with coal gas froma cylinder. We cannot see why ordinary mixed jets should be purchased which cannot offer these alternatives. As for blow-thhough jets, ejector or otherwise, we do not know why they should he used at all, when with the same economy and convenience of working, the Injector Jet will give two or three times the light. By re-moving the Injector nipple the jet becomes an ordinary mixed jet. This can be done whenever it is desired to work with oxygen at low pressure, and coal gas froma cylinder. The working of the Jet is simpler than that of an ordinary jet. When the H tap is once adjusted, it does not need to be touched again when using towns gas. The turning off or on of the oxygen supply regulates automatically the supply of coal gas. This is a great convenience in actual use. Most existing jets can be fitted with an Injector to enable them to take their coal gas supply from the house pipe. The Jet will in certain cases be sent on approval on deposit of purchase price. Further particulars free on application to MANCHESTER OXYGEN (Brin's Patent) Co., LTD., GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET, MANCHESTER. RILEY BROS., Léd., 55 & 57, Godwin St., BRADFORD. Without a Rival. The ‘ Rilford ” Oxy gen Generator is being sold in Yarge quantities hy the leading wholesale houses all over the world. It isa proved success. Genuinely satisfactory. Always reliable. Absolutely s automatic. “ Rilford” Oxygen Generator in operation. It is made in two sizes: No. 1, for ordinary work v8 . £5 10 0 : F UNIVERSAL SCIENCE LANTERN. No. 2, for Cinematograph and high(Stroud & Rendall's Patent). Latest and most Improved Design power work ... na ins » £6 10 0 This lantern is undoubtedly the finest lantern for school and college use that has ever been devised. It is fitted with hinged mirror, which sends the beams upwards through a horizontal convergent lens. There is a prism as shewn, and LAWSON ETHER SATURATORS everything is of the very best finish. For Single Lanterns or Biunials, the results are all that . Price, with prism, safety or mixed jet, and can be desired. carrying case, £9. Slide Hire Department. R. B.,, Ltd, were the pioneers of the modern system. They send slides on hire to all parts of the Kingdom, and themselves insure against breakage. They have an immense selection. Hire and Index List Ol. Free on application. Apparatus Catalogue O1 post free, sd lide Catalogue O1 vost free, 6d, Used in conjunction with the