Paramount Pep (1923)

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Paramount Pep 3 Winship to Foreign Department Bill Winship, a salesman of ours and of good standing at the Los Angeles Exchange, has en- tered our Foreign Department under E. E. Shauer and will take charge of our Mexico City Exchange. Bill’s natural, peppy hard plugging in the field brought him this pleasant and unexpected surprise which is often the case in our organi- zation in keeping with the policy set down by our far-sighted executives. Bill attended one of the salesmen’s schools and was at that time elected chairman of the class. Bill has had experience in the big towns, the small ones and the styx, and it was his continual efforts to better himself that brought him this recognition. Get After the Roto Sections The Home Office Accessories Department has just received a statement from each Exchange of a number of Roto Sections on hand on “MANSLAUGHTER,” “HER GILDED CAGE,” “LOVES OF PHARAOH” and “BLOOD AND SAND.” ACCESSORIES MEN, EXPLOITEERS, SALESMEN and BOOKERS TAKE NOTICE: There are no restrictions on the quantities which you can sell. We have retained the old price of $10.00 per thousand, which amounts to “A Penny A Piece.” Make this your slogan and put on a drive to move all these old Roto Sections. You should be able to approach the smallest exhibitors and to make a sale of some kind to every account playing these pictures. The price of $15.00 a thousand will effect only those Roto Sections which will be furnished on forthcoming productions. Sam Sells ’Sessories Here is some proof that the talks on accessories at Philadelphia’s recent convention are beginning to bear fruit. Mr. Sam Freedman, covering Zone 7, obtained an accessories order from the Opera House, Co- lumbia, Pa., which is larger in quantity and amount than ever before ordered by this particular theatre. The order includes one’s, three’s, six's, twenty- four's, 22 x 28's and all the mats including full page ad mats on those shows on which they are supplied. The pictures for which these accessories were ordered are as follows: The Old Homestead Blood and Sand The Young Rajah To Have and to Hold Face in the Fog Bachelor Daddy Over the Border Manslaughter Young Diana Valley of Silent Men Top of New York Selling “Paramount Exploiteer” Here we see the magazine rack installed by Exploiteer Russell Moon at the New Haven Exchange in order to bring “The Paramount Exploiteer” more forcibly to the attention of visiting exhibitors. This is an idea that could be copied to great advantage in every office. Of course every exhibitor is supposed to receive an “Exploiteer" with his press book but many like to have them further in advance, as each issue contains many stunts that can be applied to ANY picture. This display not only helps sell our splendid exploitation organ to Mr. Exhibitor but also keeps impressing him with the value of ex- ploitation in general. The more we push “The Paramount Exploiteer,” the more the exhibitor will think of it and use it. Moon reports that hardly an exhibitor comes to the office but that selects at least one copy to take away with him. Those coming from out of town take quite a few and read them on the train. By the time they reach home they are chock full of helpful ideas that will mean additional re- ceipts. J. M. Rosenfield, Jr., of the Division of Exploitation, is compiling and editing a sheet that has already achieved tremendous popu- larity in theatre circles and it behooves each and every one of us to get behind it so that as many theatres as possible will read it and make use of its contents. Mr. Moon’s Beautebox display topping the rack is one that he made himself and which is a!so_ directing much attention on the part of exhibitors to this splendid tie-up product. MR. PEP SAYS: NEVER explain—your friends do not need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.