Paramount Pep (1923)

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Paramount Pep 5 Look For “The Covered Wagon ’ A New Year’s Prayer Ben Blotcky, Branch Manager at Kansas City, received a most unique reply to his circular letter under date of December 27th. The reply was in the form of a pretty Christmas card which read: “May the Christmastide bring you gifts most rare, And the New Year Joy is my earnest prayer.” JACK H. ROTH. However, the writer, Mr. Roth, crossed out a few words on the card and made it read thus: “May the Christmastide bring me gifts 39 most rare, And the New Year, supers, is my earnest prayer.” We’ll say that this exhibitor realizes the value of the 39. Now Comes Dramatics The Dramatic Committee of the Paramount Club, Home Office, is arranging for the presen- tation of three one-act plays the middle of February. A. M. Bots'ford will direct “The Bracelet,” by Alfred Sutro; E. C. Norrington will direct “Society Notes',” by Duffy West and Dr. Max Simon will direct “The End of The Book,” by Henry Myers. A try-out was -held recently where the cast- ing was decided upon by the Committee. Among those to appear in the plays are: Pat Kearney, H. S. Jacobs, Wm. Legay, John Ros- enfield, Miss A. E. Schlesinger, Margaret Rus- sell, Mrs. E. Peters, W. J. Stanton and others —sixteen in all. L. J. Bamberger is Chairman of the Dramatic Committee which comes under the head of the Entertainment Committee. Frawley Surprised G. B. J, Frawley, Chief of the Exchange Ac- counting and Sales Statistical Departments, was agreeably surprised during the holiday with a most beautiful gift from members of his de- partment. He received a handsome black leather travel- ing case, fully equipped, and also a beautiful black leather wallet to match. Mr. Frawley wishes to thank each member of his department for such a wonderful thought and states that it was indeed a most pleasant surprise to him. Every Month Economy Month P. H. Stilson draws to the attention of the Foreign Department the fact that when Mr. E. E. Shauer issued cards for bulletin concern- ing Economy Month that thoughtfully Mr. Shauer did not restrict the card to any particu- lar month so Stilson says the card is going to remain on the Traffic Department wall until it wears out as a frequent reminder that every month is Economy Month. Milwaukee Christmas Party BT- The Milwaukee Exchange were not to be out- done over the holidays and on the afternoon of Christmas Eve a lively Christmas party was enjoyed in the Exchange, as is evidenced by the above photo. Seated, from left to right: Miss Norma Puhl- man, H. A. Simons, Miss Marcella Claffey, Miss Eleanor Duffy, and Miss A. Niedzwiecki. Standing, from left to right: Bert Streeck, Joe Imhof, Miss Ida Saybel, Miss Viola Scheibe, E. L. Byers, Miss Esther Baron, Miss Gladys Schoe- mann, Miss Lillian Schreiber, Howard Kappe, Miss Sadie Altenbach, Miss A. Winter, R. C. Gary, Miss Marie Luecking, Miss Florence Block, and R. F. McQueen. Gartner Puts Over Big Tie-Up We take great pleasure in announcing that Charles L. Gartner of our Publicity Department, announces to the palpitating office force that he will be at home with a brand new wife any and all times after January 15th in his new apartment. Your Paramount Pep Club card will admit you at the door. Brink- Robinson Earl R. Brink, Booking Manager at the Buf- falo Office, and Gladys Marion Robinson, Sec- retary to Mr. Moritz, have just crossed the Rubicon and are standing with patent leathered feet at the Great Divide which separates single blessedness and marital bliss. Earl on his last visit to New York stole away from the boys and purchased one of Tif- fany’s Gems set in platinum. Knighthood is in Flower again and Gladys tells us that some sunny day in June we'll hear the strains of Lohengrin’s Wedding March in the Little Church Around the Corner. The boys are looking forward to smoking some of Earl’s cigars and rest assured the Locale will not be in the Sahara Desert. We will have two or three other surprises in the near future, which will furnish enough material for another Hollywood. James Cruze, please note.