Paramount Pep (1923)

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8 Paramount Pep Messrs. Shauer and Graham PEP’S cameraman caught E. E. Shauer, Di- rector of our Foreign Department, and John C. Graham, Managing Director of our organi- zation in Great Britain and the continent dur- ing their annual conference in Mr. Shauer’s office. The atmospheric conditions of the above photo lead one to believe that geographical survey is being discussed, but to the contrary, the two gentlemen were going over general distribution conditions in that section of the globe, coming under the directorship of Mr. Graham and the supervision of Mr. Shauer. Mr. Shauer is on the left and Mr. Graham on the right. Another Hicks for Australia Wilson Hicks, brother of John Hicks, has joined our Publicity Staff in Australia. Wilson is a younger brother of J. W., and for the past four and a half years has held a high position on the Editorial Staff of the Kansas City Star and after two years of conducting the motion picture page, he naturally leaned towards Paramount so far that he just couldn’t help him- self and fell into what he says is the greatest organization in the world. More power to the Hicks family. A Big Translation Job It will be remembered that our Advertising and Publicity Departments turned out a thirty- page booklet containing short biographies of our various stars and leading players in our Stock Company at the West Coast. Perhaps many of us did not give a thought to what this meant for the Foreign Department under E. E. Shauer. It meant that every word of this had to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese and sent to newspapers and magazines abroad. An English book was also sent out which was the work of Miss Josephine Doty. Those who so successfully turned the trick for the Spanish and Portuguese language were Jose Cun-ha, Portuguese, and J. Ventura Sureda, Spanish. This is another side to our organization that has developed into a very extensive and hard working department. Hicks Is Peptomistic Since his return to the land of the kangaroo, Managing Director John W. Hicks, Jr., of our Australasian organization, has been making things hum. In a letter to O. R. Geyer, Man- ager of Publicity and Advertising for our For- eign Department, Mr. Hicks speaks of some mighty bright prospects for Paramount in that corner of the world. He says, in part: “Our announcement in ‘Everyones’ caused a sensation in the industry. (This was similar to the broadside fired in the trade papers in this country on our big Forty-one.) This paper went to every exhibitor in Australia and New Zealand. Our prospects for the coming year are bet- ter than they have ever been, and with the wonderful pictures we have there is no question but what our revenue will go up considerably during 1923. We have just completed signing up practically everyone of our key center points, and next year (1923) will have a wider distribu- tion than ever. “It might interest you to know that during the week of Dec. 4th, in Sydney, Paramount will be in five of the leading first run theatres— the Haymarket and Rialto Theatres will screen ‘Beyond the Rocks,’ the Lyric and Lyceum Theatres will show ‘The Woman Who Walked Alone,’ and at the Globe Theatre will be ‘Fool's Paradise. This will make them sit up and take notice, and it is the first time here that any one brand of pictures has been in five theatres in the city for one week.”