Paramount Pep (1923)

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8 Paramount Pep In flic FrnreMi Field Albert Deane Back on Old Job Our old friend and globe trotter, Albert Deane, is back on his old job as Manager of Publicity in our Sydney, Australia, office. Mr. Deane arrived in Sydney the 12th of December on the S.S. Ventura and was ac- corded a royal welcome on the wharf by mem- bers of his family and a great many of the office personnel. Mr. Deane will now once again renew bis happy acquaintances with the boys in the Australasian organization and will have many wonderful experiences to relate to them after his trip around the world with Paramount. ft will be recalled that Albert Deane spent eight months in the Home Office Advertising Department after which he journeyed to Europe, stopping at London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Brussels. He returned by way of Canada, stopping in New York for a short visit. From New York he went to the West Coast where he took the last lap of his journey to his home land with a bag full of knowledge of this eventful trip. Percy L. Curtis, who has been handling Pub- licity in Mr. Deane’s absence, will manage exploitation. P EJ2PS UL Pushing the Trade Mark Seizing every opportunity for maximum dis- play of our trade mark is and has been the hobby of our Foreign Department. Mr. Shauer has long been of the opinion that we have not availed ourselves of every op- portunity in displaying our trade mark and his latest plan, carried out by Mr. Geyer, Man- ager of Publicity, is a sticker the exact shape of the trade mark, made up in all sizes. These stickers may be used on envelopes, folders, memorandum books, packages, film cases, in fact, anything that comes, goes or stays with Paramount. In Scandinavia “Success” Makes Its Bow The initial issue of our French organization house organ “SUCCESS,” made its bow into the realms of Paramount last month, the first copy having been received at this office this week. Its make-up, general appearance, and writ- ten material are of the finest calibre and we hasten to congratulate those responsible for placing this magazine in keeping with its name. Above is a photo of Messrs. Walter LeMat, left; Ingvald C. Oes, centre; and Carl York. This photo was taken in front of the city hall at Copenhagen, Denmark. Messrs. LeMat and York are the Paramount Distributors in the Scandinavian territory and Mr. Oes is our Foreign Department Represen- tative Appeals to Students One of the most unique ideas of modern exploitation and direct appeal for patronage to any theatre has been brought to the attention of E. E. Shauer, Director of our Foreign De- partment, in a program issued by the Dai-Ichi Asahikan, a theatre in Kwansai, Japan. In the pamphlet the appeal is made chiefly to Japanese-English students desirous of mas- tering and obtaining a good vocabulary of every day English as well as testing their ability and understanding of the language, the secret being Paramount Pictures with their English sub- titles always dramatically correct, clearly vis- ible and easy to read. This is the first time to their knowledge that this unique and sensible plan has been launched by any theatre and anticipating its huge success is only natural.