Paramount Pep (1923)

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10 Paramount Pep A Sacrifice for the Good of the Team — 11111 n ii i ii 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 m i; i ii 111 • Wilkes - Bar re - Gram s ( General ) I Have a Laugh , Folks! \ Fi 111 ii 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 .= A Sensitive Sole It was at the end of an imperfect hike, in which the colored outfit had tramped ten miles, and back. One of the bucks, footsore and otherwise sore, meandered on blistered feet around to the supply sergeant's office: “Sarge,” he demanded, “Ah wants a pair o’ new shoes.” “Whassermatter dem yo’ got on?” retorted the sergeant. “Pears lak dey’s plenty good enough.” "On top dey ain’ so wuss,” admitted the private, “but dem soles is worn so thin Ah kin stan' on a dime an’ tell whether she reads heads or tails.” Score One for Hiers “I thought Paramount advertised the ‘Super-39’ pictures for the second half year,” said Walter Hiers. “That’s right. Why?” he was asked. “Well, I saw in the catalog ‘Only 38’ and I wondered.” But “Only 38” is the name of a William de Mille production to be made shortly. Nerve Guard : “Sir, the forger in 233 wants to bor- row a pen and some paper.” Warden: "Attack of conscience? Wants to write home?” Guard : “No, sir. He wants to practice up on signatures so he won’t be out of form when he’s released.” An Every Day Occurrence Bam—“See here, young man, you don’t have to watch the clock. I'll call you when it’s time to go home.” Office Boy—“I know, but I might be too busy to hear you.” Named Her Right “What name did yo’ give yo’ new baby, Eliza ?” “I done christened her ‘Opium’?” “Why did yo’ call her ‘Opium’?” “Because Opium comes from de wild poppy and her poppy is certainly wild." Gr-rr, Clack, Clack, Phuf! Willie: “Pop, what is a death rattle?” Pop (who knows) : “The last gasp of an ex- piring Ford.” By “Bud” Gray Having the interest of his co-workers at heart, our amiable Branch Manager, Mr. Earle Sweigert, has arranged for a weekly program of pictures showing each Thursday evening in our Theaterette. A full attendance each Thurs- day night evidences the success of the idea. “Bill” Devonshire and m’self jumped the “rattler” for the charming little town of Mont- rose, Pa., famous as a summer resort, dairy and farm center. Heretofore, PARAMOUNT PICTURES have NOT been shown here and upon learning that two twigs from the PARA- MOUNT family tree had arrived, these good folk expressed keen joy at learning that they would be able to see PARAMOUNT PIC- TURES twice weekly. Bill blazed the trail and lost no time in hooking on at the expira- tion of a competitor’s contract, placing our product in solid 100%. Securing PARA- MOUNT amounts to a change of policy and with exploitation such as has been outlined, the house should be kept jammed. The pro- prietor—a goodly fellow—has been giving a couple of passes for two or three lines of “notice” in the local weekly sheets. Montrose numbers about 1,700 souls and all craving PARAMOUNT PICTURES! We note thru PEP that Cupid has been do- ing the finest kind of “Exploiting” and trust that he will be connected with each Exchange. Due to pressure of business, he has been ex- cluded from our midst. (He’s one of those fellows you can never tell anything about.) Saturday Night Follies Highbrow—“I go forth to bathe.” Lobrow—“All right, I’ll go fifth.” Along Came Paramount He was just a young exhibitor, A personal friend of mine, He owned a small theatre, But couldn’t make a dime. Gloom and despair overtook him, Until at last one day, He bought a Paramount picture, And he surely made it pay. Then he bought accessories. Some heralds, a three-sheet or two, And now he’s over that feeling, That feeling folks call blue. —-Des Moines Exchange.