Paramount Pep (1923)

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Paramount Pep 11 Often Means More Than a Single Our Des Moines Staff PEP’S cameraman recently visited the city of Des Moines and secured the above photo. In the photo at the left is a group of hard- working salesmen wearing the famous Para- mount smile. Left to right, standing, they are: A. W. Nichols, Branch Manager; Frank Crawford and W. H. Wiley. Seated are: T. M. Eckert, Ted Mendenhall and R. M. Copeland. The centre photo is a group of our entire exchange personnel. Front row, seated : George Stevenson, T. M. Eckert, Ted Mendenhall, Frank Crawford, W. H. Wiley, Wesley Reyn- olds. Standing, left to right: John E. Kenneibeck, Jack Curry, R. M. Copeland, Mrs. Colleen Barker, W. E. Barker, Miss Hazel Douglas, Miss Alice Madole, Ernest Frace, Miss Edythe Gray, Mervin Hyde, Miss A. K. LeGendre, Wil- liam Neal, Misses Eva Sparks, Marie Clement, Mrs. Rose Quigley, Misses Wilma Morton, Ruth Mertz, Emma Trotter and Sarah Cock- ran. Trio in doorway, left to right: Gladys Cap- lan, A. W. Nicolls and Miss Grace Veenstra. In the photo at the extreme right are: A. W. Nicholls greeting Ted Bryant, the first exhibi- tor to visit our new exchange in Des Moines. Chicago Blitherings By Bill Danziger Otto Bolle, City Sales Supervisor, has -er, rather had—a new gas-eater. Through the deft accomplishment of stepping on both the accel- erator and the brake at the same time, Otto almost established a new “Manslaughter” rec- ord in the I. C. station. “Herb” Hayman, who insists that “East Side, West Side,” is the national anthem, now says he knows a hay-shaker so dumb that he thinks cross-eyes is a command. “Fevven’s sake!” Walter Hiers huffed and puffed his way around the local tepee while en route to Syra- cuse for a life sentence in matrimony. His chubbiness was lionized by the sweet things. Correct this sentence : “Nobody loves an obese male.” And the bowling tournament rambles along merrily. “Dinosaur” Goldberg appears certain of first place. He’s stopped speaking to every- body—except those that owe him money. Giddap thar, Napoleon! Gotta gang of ex- ploitation to do! Albany Bits MORE POWER TO BROTHER SCHMITT Congratulations were being buzzed around the office Monday of this week, for our hand- some Office Manager, Mr. John Schmitt, who just passed his second wedding anniversary. Mr. Moritz, the Branch Manager of Buffalo Exchange, dropped into our office for a little chat while waiting for trains to New York, for a business conference. HERE’S A GOOD ONE Friday evening—which was the fifth day of showing for “KNIGHTHOOD” in Troy, New York—a physician was called out of the audi- ence for a telephone call. The following con- versation was heard in the box office: Talking to the Nurse—“Say, Miss , didn’t I tell you not to call me? 1 have tried for four days and nights to get a seat to see this picture and now you call me—you will kindly give the hypodermic according to instructions and unless in case of death—PLEASE do NOT bother me.” Now I ask you—isn’t that nice?—Some pic- ture that can keep a physician from going to his patients. Hurrah—another mark for Para- mount.