Paramount Pep (1923)

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34 Paramount Pep A New Member Rioarrio Cortez The newest member of our Paramount Stock Company, at our West Coast Studio, is Richardo Cortez, a Castilian type, who has just been signed for a long contract by Mr. Lasky. Mr. Cortez is an accomplished dancer, and has strong dramatic potentialities. He is young and clean cut. We are going to watch this young man’s career closely, for he seems destined to reach a real eminence in our film world. Mr. Cortez was discovered by Mr. Zukor and Mr. Lasky while they were dining in Los Angeles during the convention. M iss Dalton, who is just finishing “The Law of the Lawless,” at the Lasky studio under Victor Fleming’s direction, will spend a vacation of two weeks in Flor- ida before coming to New York to start her new picture. Director and Leading Man Studying the art of motion pictures and watch- ing her aunt as the star have put very prosperous thoughts in the mind of Agnes Ayres Henkel, Miss Ayres’s niece, who recently visited our West Coast Studio and insisted on demonstrating to all there that she could pose just as well as her aunt and without looking in the camera. Richard Ordynski to Make Debut Richard Ordynski, famous as a former stage director of the Metropolitan Opera, who has been for several months at the Lasky studio studying the art and technique of the screen under Cecil B. De Mille, will make his debut as a Paramount director with “The Exciters,” which will soon be put into production at our Long Island studio. Mr. Ordynski is now in New York making preparations for the start of the picture in which Bebe Daniels and Antonio Moreno will be co-starred. This scenario has been writ- ten by Edmund Goulding and the latter is now at work on the script of “Lawful Larceny,” Allan Dwan's next production in which Hope Hampton will have one of the featured roles. r Qf *4 ^ Ruth Captures the Hero Victor Fleming, left, and Charles de Roche were caught by Pep’s cameraman discussing points on “The Law of the Lawless”, the pic- ture that Mr. Fleming will direct starring Dorothy Dalton and in which Mr. de Roche will play the lead. It will be remem- bered that Mr. de Roche recently arrived from abroad after having been signed' by Mr. Lasky. Stars may come and stars may go Vamps may vamp but they are slow,— For when little Ruth, daughter of Conrad Nagel, arrives on the scene, her daddy im- mediately assumes the role of her hero. Conrad Nagel and his daughter Ruth are indeed proud of each other, as can be seen by the photo.