Paramount Pep (1923)

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Paramount Pep 15 Something New Here is a brand new pose and costume for Gloria Swanson. This is something new for Gloria, and to say she looks attractive, is to say the least. All decked out as a little bonnie lassie, with golf clubs and all, she is going to try her luck on the course at Holly- wood. Gloria Swanson Stars Enjoying Rests Several of our stars are enjoying rests between pictures. Betty Compson is in the East for a trip and will return soon to start “The Rustle of Silk,” in which she and Conway Tearle are to be featured. It will be a Herbert Brenon production. Pola Negri leaves shortly for a vacation after finishing “Bella Donna,” and prior to beginning “The Cheat,” a George Fitzmaurice production, in which she will star, Jack Holt will be featured and Chas. De Roche will be in support; Agnes Ayres is also away but returns soon to do “Contraband.” Jack Holt finished “The Tiger’s Claw,” and straightway proceeded to don polo clothes and start out in his favorite amusement. The exceptionally fine California weather just now is a great lure to everyone to hie for “over the hills and far away.” Laskyville Villains No. 2—Rob Wagner Our second villain answers to the name of Wagner—Rob Wagner, to be exact, with no wicked intentions connected with the first part of the cognomen. We pick Mr. Wagner as the greatest living example of patience. Take a second glimpse at the above likeness and note an arm taking a vacation. Writing the titles for Paul Powell’s “Daughter of Luxury” wasn’t enough, so, in order to write the titles of Sam Wood’s “My American Wife,” in a comfortable bed in a hospital, Mr. Wagner decided to have an automobile spill and break his shoulder bone. Then the shoulder bone de- cided to mend crooked so that it could be re- broken, re-set and remended in suitable hos- pital surroundings. And with it all, we see the same old smile and hear the same old cheer- ful words that he’s “getting along fine,” and how he does it will always be one of the seven wonders of the Laskyville township. T — 1 FT T-* Irvin Willat Arrives Irvin Willat has arrived from the Coast to prepare for the filming of “Fog Bound,” which will be made at our Long Island studio with Dorothy Dalton as the star. Paul Dickey, famous as a playwright and author, has been engaged to write the scenario from this story by Jack Bechdolt. The Villain Enters Walter Long got next to a prehistoric cave man’s wig recently at the studio while Agnes Ayres played the part of a trapped her- oine. Of course the hero was not far away and the wig was torn off revealing pot a real villain but a regular chap in Walter Long. Barrett Kiesling Here Barrett C. Kiesling, one of the members of our West Coast Studio Publicity staff, arrived in New York last week after visiting six ex- changes en route. Mr. Kiesling gave short, snappy talks to the various office staffs en route, Branch and Dis- trict Managers, Salesmen, Exploiteers in each of the six exchanges and in many cases called on many prominent exhibitors, giving them high lights on Cecil B. De Mille’s production, “Adam’s Rib.” Mr. Kiesling will start back shortly for the West Coast, stopping at six more exchanges en route. The following exchanges were visited by him en route East: Salt Lake, Omaha, Minneapolis, Chicago, De- troit and Buffalo. He will stop at the follow- ing exchanges on his return trip: Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Kansas City. We are indebted to Mr. Kiesling for his most interesting story appearing in this issue.