Paramount Pep (1923)

Record Details:

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16 Paramount Pep The Covered Wagon—A B. 0. Tonic A Few Salt Lakers PEP’S cameraman was exceedingly busy at Salt Lake recently, and called many members of our big family outside the exchange. The photographic identification is as follows: No. 1, left to right: Helen Spiers, Bookkeeper; Ava Dansie, Billing Clerk; Gladys Beckwith, Cashier; Clearence Key, Chief Accountant. No. 2. Booking Department: F. J. Murphy, Head Booker; Grace Clarke, Stenographer; and A. W. Smith, Asst. Booker. No. 3. Accessories Department: A. K. Shep- ard, Accessories Mgr.; Gertrude Price, Stock Clerk; Eustice Carpenter, Shipping Clerk; Madge Mitchell, Stenographer; and Ray Hendry, Re- ceiving Clerk. No. 4. Shipping Department: Etta Susman, Inspector; A. E. Hudson, Chief Inspector; Martha Snavely, Inspector; R. D. Edmonds, Shipper. No. 5. Maintenance Department: Ruth Sho- well, Maintenance Clerk; Helen Sterzer, Filing Clerk; Ellen Underwood, Stenographer; Mary Hession, Stenographer. No. 6. Ruth Showed, Telephone Operator. NEW ENGLAND GETS TWO OUT OF SIX H. G. BALLANCE’S DIVISION BOASTS OF A LIVE DISTRICT. GEO. SCHAEFER SAW TO IT THAT BOSTON WAS AWARDED FOURTH PRIZE AND PORTLAND, MAINE, FIFTH IN THE ANNUAL DRIVE. ‘WALT” SCATES IS THE BOSTON B. M., AND J. H. MACINTYRE, PORTLAND’S. TOUGH-HIMSELF! Madison Square Press, Inc., New York