Paramount Pep (1923)

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24 PARAMOUNT PEP New West Coast Publicity Director S. R. Kent announced yesterday the appointment of Arch Reeve as West Coast Publicity Director for the Fa- mous Players-Lasky Corporation, suc- ceeding Adam Hull Shirk, who has resigned. Mr. Reeve’s department will function as a part of the general pub- licity department under the direction of Charles E. McCarthy. Nita and Her Slaves Here’s the lovely Nita surrounded by her slaves—the boys behind the camera. Yes, you guessed it. Miss Naldi is none other than Cleopatra reincarnated in this picture. Allan Dwan, who produced “Lawful Larceny,” played a role in this little drama—the clenched fist denotes—well, what does it denote? Hal Ros- son, the cameraman, sits at the foot of the royal couch in blissful adoration. Dick Ros- son, also seated, had to look that way because his wife was behind the still camera when the picture was taken. The crew in the back, reading from left to right, are: Dave Reilly, grip; Lester Tracey, grip; Max Coolicks, props, Dan Durand, side props, Kenneth Styles, electrician; Leo Des Jardinier, electrician; Jim Delaney, set elec- trician; Harry Turey, electrician; and Ray Fitzgerald, electrician. Jack Cunningham at Work on Scenario for Meighan Jack Cunningham, who adapted Emerson Hough’s “The Covered Wagon” for the screen, has started work on the adaptation of Peter B. Kyne’s novel, “The Light to Leeward,” which will be Thomas Meighan’s next picture. Irvin Willat, who has just completed “Fog Bound,” starring Dorothy Dalton, will direct Mr. Meighan in the new pcture which will be titled, “Homeward Bound.” “Jack” is now at our Long Island Studio up to his ears in work. Hail—The “Scarab Queen” After her work in “Lawful Larceny,” an Allan Dwan production being made at our Long Island Studio, Nita Naldi will deserve to be called the “Scarab Queen” of the movies. She wears the ancient Egyptian beetles in her hair, on her dresses, set in bracelets, and on her hands and feet. In fact, she is literally covered with scarabs in every scene in which she appears in the picture. Director Dwan conceived an Egyptian motif for Miss Naldi in this picture and it is carried out to the last scarab. All of the scarabs which Miss Naldi wears had to be borrowed from private collections in New York and have an intrinsic value that is hard to estimate One green scarab which adorns one of her lovely gowns is valued at $2,500. She wears one headpiece with sixty- five scarabs in front and fifty-three in the back, which has an estimated value of $10,000. One of a dozen different pairs of shoes which Miss Naldi wears in the picture has green scarab buckles. Now let anyone who dares, dispute Miss Naldi’s right to the title of “Scarab Queen!” Cody in Trim Lew Cody, champion screen villain now work- ing in “Lawful Larceny,” and Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champion of the world, are good friends. So good in fact that Dempsey in wanting to do a good turn for Cody turned over to him one of his trainers, Max Kaplan, to act as a rub- ber and general handy man. Now Cody is not sure whether Dempsey was doing him a kind act or whether he contemplated the grooming of a ring opponent. Kaplan has put Cody through such a course of training since he has been with him that the popu- lar screen player feels like a regular prize fighter. At any rate Cody is being kept in fine condition for his work before the camera, which is not quite so strenuous as that in the squared circle. Attention, Girls! Leatriee Joy has dis- covered the height of economy, coupled with the best in appearance, by building this hat for the sum of 75c. In other words, a million dollar smile and a 75c. hat. Girls, here’s your know the secret, drop chance. If you want to a line to Miss Joy.