Paramount Pep (1923)

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PARAMOUNT PEP ?K 'rjlerico, Melrpfd ^Covered Wagon' (jildedGaqe C[ (pantnmant (picture Who’s Who in Art Evv since the inception of PEP, you have v.’it ssed front covers, cartoons and unique ot every description thruout the magazine. Our Art D .jarlment, under the supervision of Vincent Tiotta, has created a map in the indui ~y of ’a who in art, the work on PEP being a very small part of the tasks of this department. You need only look at the above layout to recognise ny famous works of art by this department and we extend our hearty thanks and appreciation to Mr. Trotta, Lillian Stevens, Secretary, and the entire department for their admirable cooperation at any time and at all times. In the circle is Mr. Trotta and in the photo left to right, front row, are: Charles Strobel. Saul Schiavone, Miss Lillian Stevens, Secretary to Mr. Trotta, William Williams and Phillip Schaeffer. Back row, left to right: Harry Hochfeld, Charles Ross and Lewis Cohen. Madison Square Press, Inc., New York