Photoplay (Sep - Dec 1918)

Record Details:

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THE WORLD'S LEADING MOVING PlUlURE MAGAZINE PE feptem6er 70 Cents PLAY MAGAZINE ^^ ^ «'J </~«f./ fcl^kfr ,.^<^Sl^^r \f\Urp in RpanW* When y°« finish readi nonce 10 neaaer. tniM maKazine P|act, l-cent Btamp on this notice, mail the mas zine, and it ill be place I in the hands of <: soldiers or tailora destined to proceed ov« Seas. NO WRAPPING NO ADDRESS. A S.BnRiKgON, Postmaster Gener L I LA L E E t Painted by H A S K E L L COFFIN Julian Johnson — Have a Heart ! What the Moving Picture ashs of YOU BUT WAR SAVINGS STAMPS Louella 0. Parsons — Propaganda! How the Moving Picture is fighting the Hu »