Photoplay (Jan - Jun 1933)

Record Details:

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THE Keyhole" brings you another wearable and smart costume. It is a coat, part of an ensemble which Orry-Kelly has designed for Kay Francis. Since Kay wears it on a boat bound for Cuba, her model is white flanne but it has been made up in a new woolen for your spring wardrobe. The coat is slightly fitted, fastening with one large button at the front. The double collar so unusual in design, is an outstanding detail. Wide flaring cuffs fasten with a single button. Kay wears a white flannel skirt with this and a blue and white striped vest of mannish type — the striped fabric also lines her coat. All white accessories. PLAIDS are very much in the spotlight both in woolens and silks. Mae Clarke wears an attractive plaid dress in "Parole Girl." A large bow of lacquered silk snaps across the neckline in front. Her brown leather belt is trimmed with brass knobs. Don't overlook Mae's trim brown straw sailor with band of the same ribbon that forms the bow on her dress — these shallow sailors are popular. A NUMBER of interesting accessories have been sketched on this page. Reading from top to bottom, you will see one of the new open sandals with a wide T" strap — perforated trim is used to smart advantage. A plaid umbrella offers a service for rainy days — its leather handle opens up to reveal a pair of rubber sandals tucked away neatly within! A black leather belt affects a feminine air in a metal bow. And the newest cigarette holder is a collapsible affair that fits into a small case. The end is specially constructed to eject the cigarette stub.