Photoplay (Jan - Jun 1941)

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ANSWER GENTLEMAN PRAYER Left is a model pattern for bodice. Cut your duplicate pattern following measurements given SEND mum -.lie. r .. , .end 'tjperll, pa.nled i MODt* Ur-ier! 10c eilrji PHOTO MOVETTE RING CO.. Dpi C 4.S19 Main St.. Cincinnati. O. NO MONI lilim a fe .11 M D.'» formula— a medicated 'ream. pccially fi eah >kln Kn ir skin; we ii friends will ask me secret ii write KREMOLA. Dept. MC-4, 2U75 S. e 00/ttv ?-&»#%' \ EXCITING! VITALIZING! BEGUILING! 1'c"1 sweet cleanliness DLUUILimO! enhanced glamour . . life of the party energy . . . lingering, tantalizing fragrance Ar trilling tost, only 2c a bath Choice of Gardenia. I'inc, and Wisteria. A Wafer Softener On Sale At All Stores Materials Suggested: Net, tulle, chiffon; velvet ribbon belt and bow. Material required: Sizes 14, 16: Bust, 35; Waist 26, Hips, 36 (approximate measurements). 5% yards of 50' material. (Skirt is 9 yards around when finished) Skirt is a complete circle. Place pattern on the full width of material, folded. (See Illustration A) © C ELASTIC w*TtRI»L Ga ther material to fit e ast ic as illust rated at near left M SELVEDGE Sew sides together. Stitch on machine at the top to keep it from stretching. Bodice is princess style. Sides are cut longer than front and back panels and are gathered. By fitting bodice snugly to figure, it will stay in place. (See Illustration B) Sew elastic both front and back — from A to B. Face under arms. Gather material on elastic for shoulder straps and tack on at A and B for flowers for shoulders. (See Illustration C) By having elastic for the shoulder straps and the elastic at front and back a smooth and sure strapless decolletage will be maintained. Zipper for side opening, if needed, after joining skirt to bodice. Tack flowers in place along elastic. photoplay combined u-ith movr mirror