Photoplay (Jan - Jun 1941)

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Speak for Yourself (Continued from page 62) $1.00 PRIZE The Answer? I AM not saying this could not happen • to Tyrone Power, it could happen to almost any star; but I am giving Ty as an example. Tyrone is at a Hollywood function of some sort. "Gee, I'm sorry," he says to the host, "but my head is killing me and I have to get up early tomorrow — ■ will you please excuse me?" He is excused and he goes out. "Oh, look!" cry a couple of kids, "there's Tyrone Power!" More kids follow, even grownups; they swamp around him, he, with his head splitting. "Sorry, but I'm in an awful hurry," he naturally says. Of course, he doesn't mean to be rude, but he has to. "Ya' stuck up thing!" yells one smart alec, and from then on the kid tells everyone about "that stuck up Tyrone Power." No wonder Garbo wants to be alone. Maybe she couldn't take it as so many have to. What price fame! You do something slightly wrong and you face the consequences. I read one place where Power said, "I'm a hero one minute, a bum the next." I bet he knows, but he can take it. Jayne Morrey, Tulsa, Oklahoma. $1.00 PRIZE Comes the Revolution . I FEEL I owe a public apology to LoI retta Young. I formerly regarded her just as an exquisite person who could wear clothes — and wear them well. But nothing exceptional in the way of an actress since all she had to do was look beautiful. But since she has taken to kicking up her heels like a frivolous colt and has been such a swell actress in the crackbrained movies she's been doing lately — "The Doctor Takes A Wife" and "He Stayed For Breakfast"— I can see that it was my glasses which needed cleaning after all. Miss Young is still a glamorous lady but now she has a sparkle, a zip, a vivaciousness which apparently she has been hiding from us! S. K. Parkhurst, Seattle, Wash. $1.00 PRIZE Fair Enough IT doesn't seem quite fair to me that lately, whenever a supposedly "super" movie is made, the box-office prices are raised. I can understand that for "Gone With the Wind" it was necessary, for that was very different from the run-ofthe-mill picture. But why should "Boom Town" and "The Sea Hawk" have to be shown at higher rates? Frankly, I was greatly disappointed in "Boom Town" and considered it not up to its advance ballyhoo. We movie fans don't get a lower rate when a picture is a flop and there are many of those. Now, along comes "The Great Dictator" with prices reaching a new high. If we must pay more for these so-called "better pictures" then I think we should get a break on the mediocre ones. ARE YOU . .. A. R. Young, Springfield, Mass. HAUNTED by the NIGHTMARE of PSORIASIS? • Are you conscious all day long of your disfiguring psoriasis lesions? Have you become sensitive and embarrassed if people so much as glance at you? And does this nightmare haunt your dreams as well? Then by all means start using SIROIL today. SIROIL tends to remove the external crusts and scales of psoriasis which are located on the outer layer of the skin. This is a marvelous boon to psoriasis sufferers. If or when psoriasis lesions recur, light applications of SIROIL will help keep them under control. Applied externally, SIROIL does not stain clothing or bed linen and does not interfere with your daily routine. It is sold to you on a two-weeks'-satisfaction-ormoney-refunded basis. Write for free booklet on SIROIL and Psoriasis. SIROIL AT ALL DRUG STORES SIROIL LABORATORIES, INC., Depf. M 10, DETROIT, MICH. I SIROIL LABORATORIES OF CANADA, LTD., BOX 488, WINDSOR, ONTARIO Please send me your booklet on Psoriasis. NAME ADDRESS CITY _ STATE The Headstrong Cirl Who Thought She Knew It All She didn't care what they said. They couldn't treat her like a child. She could take care of herself in any company. In fact, she could go with Gregg — wild, pampered leader of the schools' gilded youth — to the unchaperoned party at his mountainside cabin in perfect safety. Wasn't she seventeen, a senior in High School, head of her class? She'd show them! And so, after the family was abed Jan put on her sister's newest evening dress, climbed furtively from her window and down the rose trellis, ghosted out of the back gate and down the dark street where Gregg's car was waiting in the shadows to — But True Story believes you would much rather learn from Jan's own words the bizarre story of that Spring night's strange adventures and the jeopardy in which a human life was placed. Her revelations speak for themselves with a drama and intensity such as you will rarely read. Only Jan, of all the world, could tell you so vividly and unforgettably just what happened. Every girl should read her story. Every mother of a headstrong girl should make its message hers. The title, Not Her Kind. The page, 32. The magazine, February True Story. At all news stands, now! Jiue Stoi y FEBRUARY, 1941