Photoplay (Jan - Jun 1943)

Record Details:

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FIRST CALL! YES! . . . America's soldiers, sailors and marines are getting "first call" on delicious Beech-Nut Gum. And like you, we feel that serving our men in the services is a privilege that comes ahead of everything else. So if there are times when your dealer can't supply you with your favorite Beech-Nut Gum, we know you will understand the reason why. BeechNut Gum The yellow package . . . with the red oval Ae\ Rflt°. S*f.L 12 tenth Qn °yers," °nn,^rsary some interesting and lonesome fellow soldier you can write to and to whom you can send your prettiest picture. By the way girls, you might write old Cal about the outcome. Good luck! People in and Out of the Hollywood Picture: Lana Turner is living on a ranch until after the birth of her baby. The Robert Youngs will welcome their third child in the fall. The Youngs already have two daughters. Bob Cummings, in the Civilian Air Patrol, has flown over every state in the Union and made several flights outside the States in his line of duty in the last three months. Bob Sterling has gone to Thunderbird Field in Arizona for his next step in flight training. Ann Sothern will miss him. Lt. Bert D. Morris, flying instructor at the Hutchinson, Kansas, flying school, is recovering from the measles. Lt. Morris is remembered to fans as Wayne Morris of the movies. Robert Montgomery, promoted to a lieutenant commander in charge of a mosquito fleet in the Solomons, is being invalided home because of tropical fever. Because she was born in Tokio, Joan Fontaine is technically regarded as a Japanese citizen and must sign papers that she owns no firearms or secret radios. Joanie looks like no Japanese we ever saw. 'Tis rumored Twentieth Century-Fox and Jean Gabin cannot get together on another picture because Gabin insists Dietrich co-star with him and the studio has no plans for Marlene's film career. So Jean, it is reported, has bought up his contract and will move over to RKO to do his next picture. Tidbits: Joan Crawford's real name is Lucille Kornman, that being her husband's (Phil Terry) last name. Susan Peters's wide mouth lends character to her lovely face. Joe E. Brown became a grandfather while he was visiting our boys in the South Pacific. Corporal Joe E. Jr. is the proud papa. Pretty Marjorie Reynolds, who has been touring Alaska and the Aleutians, is showing her friends a ribbon with a star on it. Know what that means? It means Marjorie has been under fire. Eleanor Powell wears a framed miniature of her mother on her coat lapel. Fans sent Walter Pidgeon their own Oscar — a gold cage containing two white pigeons. Lucille Ball has already put up seventy-five cans of vegetables from her own ranch. Hollywood — This Month: Accidents, discomforts, fun and fury swirled around Hollywood this month like leaves in a sudden storm. Clark Gable caused many hearts to flutter out of turn when he reappeared for a few days' vacation, looking happier than he has in a year. Hedy Lamarr, by mistake, wore home Norma Shearer's coat from the Academy dinner and Norma, after search