Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1929)

Record Details:

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^ OSSARD "step-ins" are ItTtO STAY— and they're stepping up in general favor with every season. Considered revolutionary and decidedly extreme when Gossard first brought them out, their popularity has increased by leaps and bounds because modern women have welcomed the ease with which they could be donned— the end of old-fashioned buckling and what not. There is ease and comfort within the gentle confines of a Gossard "step-in." Yet so perfectly does it mould and retain that you have the feeling of being tailor-made right down to the flesh. You enjoy the supreme satisfaction of wearing a foundation garment designed for your individual need. The model pictured here and described below is featured by Gossard dealers the world over. Ask for it. A fourteen-inch step-in of rich brocade combined with elastic. Wide sections of elastic over hips and a five-inch gore in front enhance the glove-like snugness of this garment. Boned front and back, and trimmed at lop with ribbon and flowers. Lacing adjustment at lop on one side. This is Model Number 738 .. . Retails at $7.50. THE H W GOSSARD CO.. Chicago. New York, San Francisco, Dallas. Atlanta. London. Toronto. Sydney, Buenos Aires Division ol As^ocialed Apparel Induslries. Inc.