Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1929)

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The Menace of Hollywood A girl may be the reincarnation of Duse, she may have the histrionic ability of Bernhardt, she may be able to touch the heart of humanitx', but if she is five pounds overweight according to screen standards — that! for her career! Why this mad search for slimness? Why must the stars starve themselves? There are two reasons. According to Dr. H. B. K. Willis, one of Hollywood's best known physicians who daily turns down dozens of women who beg to be reduced quickly, it is a mistaken idea on the part of the producers. They think that the public demands stream-lines in stars and, believing this, set the dangerous example to women of the entire world who blindly attempt to copy Hollywood's prevailing figure. The second reason concerns only the picture girls and no other women. If a practical stereoscopic camera lens were perfected these all too rigid diets would be unnecessary. When a woman steps in front of the camera she adds from live to twenty pounds to her figure. The camera photographs but two dimensions. This tends to flatten a round object. Look at a pipe. Then shut one eye. The pipe immediately widens and appears several inches broader than it really is. Hollywood may slowly return to the natural figure. Anita Page, for instance, is five feet, two inches tall and weighs 118 pounds, which is a sane weight. .\nita prefers to follow health charts rather than camera lines CORRECT DIET Compiled by Dr. Willis from works of the most famous authorities on diet BREAKFAST }^ large grapefruit Scalloped codfish Stewed tomatoes Saltine crackers 1 cup coffee 1 teaspoon butter 1 teaspoon sugar 374 Calories LUNCHEON 2 large slices lean roast beef Tomato or mushroom sauce 1 medium baked potato 2 heaping tablespoons spinach 2 heaping tablespoons pickled beets 8 slices cucumbers 1 glass buttermilk 1 teaspoon butter 1 fruit cup 654 Calories DINNER 1 slice cold roast lamb 2 heaping tablespoons squash Mint sauce 1 tablespoon green peas 3 heaping tablespoons mustard greens Mediiun sized tomato salad Mineral oil or vinegar 2 small biscuits ' 2 cantaloupe 1 glass skimmed milk 524 Calories 1552 Calories {This must be varied every day. It will reduce you from 2 to i pounds per week) STAR DIET This is what the stars eat — it's wrong! BREAKFAST Hot water 000 calories LUNCHEON 8 tablespoons consomme 2 saltines 13 calories 100 calories 25 calories 3-4 pound tomatoes DINNER Cottage cheese 2 oimces pineapple 1 glass butterrnilk 50 calories 50 calories 67 calories 305 calories Sometimes 1 hard boiled egg 6 otmces spinach 100 calories 100 calories 605 calories 31