Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1929)

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Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section I 1 m ^ IGuaraivteeNewHair in These Three Places o \> oN T^ PAY IVff I! ARE you sincerely anxious to be done with dandruff, itchy scalp, falling hair and baldness? Do you really want to grow new hair? Perhaps you've already tried hard to overcome these afflictions. Perhaps you've put faith in barbershop "tips," and used all kinds of salves, massages, tonics, all with the same results . . . lots of trouble and expense but no relief! Now, consider what / offer you. And figure out for yourself what a handsome proposition it is. I GUARANTEE to grow new hair on your head — on the top, front or temples — IN 30 DAYS ... or not one red penny of cost to you. Isn't that a different story from those you've heard before? I don't say, "try my wonderful remedy — it grows hair!" I say, and I put it in •writing, "I GUARANTEE to grow hair ... or no cost!" My Method Is Unique! Naturally, you say to yourself, "How can anyone make such a guarantee? It's hard to grow hair. I know, for I've tried a lot of things and failed." Ah, that's exactly the reason thousands who formerly suffered from scalp troubles bless the day they heard of me. For my treatment is based on science, on years and years of research. I studied scalps, not how to sell treatments. And I found, as did leading dermatologists, that ordinary surface treatments of the scalp are futile. Baldness begins at the ROOTS. If roots are dead, nothing can grow new hair. But in most cases, roots are only sleepitig, waiting for the right treatment to bring them back to healthy, normal life. I Reach the Roots Now, I leave it to you. How can ordinary treatments penetrate to the roots of your hair? How can ordinary tonics or salves remove the real cause of baldness? My treatment goes below the scalp, right down to the hair roots, awakening them to new action. My treatment works surely and quickly, all the while stimulating the tiny blood vessels around the roots to new life and action. And with just the mere investment of a few minutes a day, thousands get these results from my treatment ... or they never pay a cent ! FRONT ITere tliinniiiK hair does greatest dania;;r tn your appearance. Dnn't wait till forelock disappears cntirelv. ACT NOW to foiej-taU baldnessl TOP Most baldness begins here. Is this YOT'R thinnest spot? Decide today to net that hair hack and MOREl TEMPLES Thinner and thinner on each side until tht-y meet and forelock too aoL's. Danthuir and itchy scalp art I'oriuniin In rli^ sc cases. Whv Miller a Iilrlime ot ic;;i-cty ^lAiL THi: COUPON TODAYI ^'^^r. I Welcome Investigation Do you want absolute proof of the true causes and proper treatment of baldness? Consult your family physician. Or look up medical reference books. Do you want positive proof that I can and do apply these accepted scientific principles? I offer you the best proof of all . . . my personal guarantee, backed up by the Merke Institute, Fifth Avenue, New York. A Square Deal Guaranteed! Others may make rosy but flimsy promises. I could do that tool But I don't. I couldn't afford to. for every statement I make is guaranteed by the Merke Institute. This scalp research bureau, established 13 years, is known to thousands from Coast to Coast. It has a reputation to keep up. It \youldn't dare to back me if I didn't tell the truth. So when I guarantee to grow hair or not a penny of cost, you're absolutely sure of a square deal. Why Suffer Years of Regret? Before }ou turn this page take a look in the mirror at those thin spots on your head! Think how you'll look when {i/l \nur hair is gone. Consider how much prestige and attractiveness you'll lose, 'Then decide to act al once! Right now. tear out the coupon shown below and mail it in for the FREE booklet giving my complete story. In it you'll find, not mere theories, but scientific FACTS, and the details of my "hair grown or no pay" offer. My treatment can be u^ed in any home where there is electricity. Send the coupon XOW! And by return mail the booklet is yours without the slightest obligation. Allied Merke Institutes, Inc.. Dept. 392. 512 Fifth Avenue, New York City. DANGER: One, two, thrct — BATJJt And perhaps total baldness, say lending dermatoloyists, if you Hf elect any one of the three places shown above. But so (n'a dually does hair deimrt. so insidiously does baldness creep up on the averaKc man, thai thousjinds fail tn heed the warniUKs. But there is hope for everyone, no matter how thin tlie hair. Head my messaite to men Krowing bald. Study my t-uarantce. Then ACT! Allied Merke Institutes, Inc.. Dept. 392. 512 Fifth Ave.. New York City. rieasL >end me — without cost or obhcation —in r'iain wrapper, copy of your book. "The New Way to Orow Hair," describing the Merke System. City (My age is. When you write to advcrtisera please mention PHOTOPLAY MAOAZINB.