Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1929)

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Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section A NEW HIT FOR THE XEW YEAR ! New York has a new thrill . You'll have it soon! THE Twice a day— every day— at S2.00 per seat, BARKER" is making film history. As one man twenty famous critics declared —"The picture ii.there!" . . . And since then Broadway's been a one-way street— all Manhattan headed for this First National Special from a famous stage-hit. '''Have your money ready" the day it plays your town! brcadwai^ sends you iff laiesi^loosensaMcn ir[h<e l&y^lRIKIEIR SHE POSITIVELY DANCES TODAY! ".And when she dances, folke. she DiakcB old men young and young mm old. She's ju&t one of the scores of big feature atlrarlions of the Carnival . . .You can't afford loiiniHS it. folks! — VOU CANT VFfORH T"i MI^S IT! ' In New York » In Los Angeles Every Paper — Every Critic joined in iiiis ALPHABET of ACCLAIM Marvelous job Nothingundoneoroverdone One of the year's winners Pleasure to watch Quite credibly tougl Real thing Sizzling entertainment The picture is there! Uniformly high merit Vital Wholly intriguing Acting marvelous Best since "The Sea Hawk" Completely engrossing Daring Excellent rine Gets" you House in uproars Intensely interesting Joy to behold Knockout cast Loud praises GEORGE FITZM.%VRICE Produolion From the play by Kenyan ?iichotion. Slage Pnxluc lion by Chariei L Wagner. Adaplation by Benjamin Clazer. Presented by KiLhard A. RosKtand, She hired another woman lo win the Love of the man she feared! You'll gasp at the strange secret drama that seethes sinisterly behind the gaudy glamor of the Midway. "Behind-the-tent stuff is the intimate sort that 'gets' you," said Pi. y. Daily News. FIRST NATIONAL'S FIRST ^fef/Ai^PICTURE Evening World! Broadway" — said When you write to advertisers ricaso mention pnoTOPLAT MAGAZINE.