Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1929)

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Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section WILLIAM HAINES in ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE with. LIONEL BARRYMORE-KARL DANE -LEILA HYAMS A Jack Conway Production From the play by Paul Armstrong Adaptation by A. P. Younger Continuity by Sara Y. Mason Titles by Joe Farnham fiJ II 17 < JIMMY GETS THE THIRD DEGREE Slowly . . . silently . . . ominously . . . the great steel door swung shut, locking within that airless vault a helpless little child — the sister of the girl he loved. . . He had endured the third degree — could he stand that pitiful appeal? To "crack" the safe was a confession— not to, was — murder! What did "Jimmy Valentine" decide? It's an evening you'll remember all your life. A smash hit on Broadway at $2 admission . . . acclaimed the perfected dialogue accompaniment. You'll have all the same thrills when your local theatre shows this record-breaking MetroGoldwyn-Mayer film,' either silent or with dialogue. \ THE CONSPIRATORS WILLIAM HAINES-KARL DANE-TULLV MARSHALL o4 METRO-GOLD "More stars than there are in Heaven" -^*-•. WILLIAM HAINES WITH LOVELY LEILA HYAMS It's in our safe — $501 Have you the right combination? Answer these simple questions and win the prize! Come all you safe-crackers with bright ideas! There's $50 and a valuable prize waiting for you in the M-G-M safe! The best set of answers to these five questions turns the trick. Read the rules below and send in your safe-cracking answers. To the man winning the contest, William Haines will give $50.00 and the electric flash lamp he uses in "Alias Jimmy Valentine". To the woman, Leila Hyams will send $50.00 and the beautiful handbag she carries in the same picture. The next fifty lucky ones will receive my favorite photograph specially autographed by Yours cordially 1 — Name the six popular young players who appear in "Our Dancing Daughters." 2 — Which do you prefer — Sound or Silent movies? Give your reasons within 75 words, 3 — What popular murder story listed as a best seller novel and serial story last year has been made into a talking picture by M-G-M? 4 — Name the Indian Chief in an M-G-M western who posed for the head on the Buffalo nickel. 5 — Who is directing the first all Negro feature planned as an epic production of the colored race? Write your answers on one side of a single slieet of paper and mail to 3rd Floor, 1^40 Broadway, Neiv York. All answets must be received by Februar>' 15th. Winners* names will be published in a later issue of this magazine. Note: — If you do not attend the pictures yourself you may question yout friends or consult motion picture ma^aiines. In event of tics, each tying contestant will be awatdcd a prize identical in chatacter with that tied for. Winners of The William Haines Contest of October Mr. A. Humphrey Mrs. John Maloney Redwood City, California Racine, Wisconsin IVI AYER PICTURE It's Great vAth Dialogue or Silent! When jou m-lte to adverUscrs please mention PHOTOPLAY MAOAZINH.