Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1930)

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I 12 Photoplay Magazine for April, 1930 (Jjeauti a/h SEEM EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH EEKE MADE (jrifae Ueamt R er TS I he lovely leotlieTS . . . beoutifully colortoned ... of Meeker-Mode handbags ond underarms, enhance the glory of Beautiful Hands. As o rich background, they not only define beautiful finger lines but surely prove their claim of possessing "Purse Personality. Wearing qualities? Just remember that the fine imported steerhide leathers used in Meeker-Mode products are almost everlasting ond grow even richer and softer with age. YOUR EASTER COSTUME — After selecting your Easter costume, make it satisfyingly complete with a Meeker-Made bag or underarm. Or suggest It to "him" as an ideal Eoster gift You'll find o wide selection at your Jeweler's and at better Department and Drug Stores. THE MEEKER CO., INC., JOPLIN, MO. LAR0EST MANUFACTURER OF STEERHIDE PRODUCTS IN THE UNITED STATES Wave your Hair at home in "beauty-parlor" STYLE SAVE MONEY WITH WES Cold in Head, Chest or Throat? RUB Musterole well into your chest and • throat— almost instantly you feel easier. Repeat the Musterole-rub once an hour for five hours . . . what a glorious relief! Those good old-fashioned cold remedies — oil of mustard, menthol, camphor — are mixed with other valuable ingredients in Musterole. It penetrates and stimulates blood circulation and helps to draw out infection and pain. Used by millions for 20 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. Keep Musterole handy — jars, tubes. To Mothers— Musterole is also made in milder form for babies and small children. Ask for Children's Musterole. CTRIC WATER WAVERS For long or bobbed hair Ideal for setting permanent waves 10 cents each and worth every cent ! WEST ELECTRIC Water Wavers don't break bend, rust or get out of order. If one does, we'll replace it free. They're made of round aluminum tubing — light as a feather. There are no seams or edges to injure the hair. Finest steel piano wire gives proper tension for any thickness of hair, and pat ented ball lock prevents unfastening. At Department and 5 and 10c stores every where. WEST ELECTRIC Aids to Beauty include also Hair Wavers, Curlers and Nets. Look for the WEST ELECTRIC Girl and the Orange and Black cards. If your dealer cannot supply you, send us his name and 60c in stamps for a set of 6 and we will ship direct to you. West Electric Hair Curler Corp. 517 N BROAD ST.. PHILADELPHIA she's really "one of ours," even though she should go back to the old country to beautify and enrich its struggling talking industry. TTOLLYWOOD'S laughing at Charles Far■*• -^rell over this: He was hurrying to the studio one morning. A motorcycle policeman sirened him to a stop. "What's the big idea, young feller, of doing forty-eight in a twenty-mile zone?" he wanted to know. "Well, officer, I'm sorry," explained Charles; "but I'm late now — you see, I'm Charles Farrell and — " "I'm sorry," said the officer, writing out the ticket, "but I don't play golf." HOLLYWOOD dialogue: "I hear the Roosevelt Hotel insists that the song writers meet in the Blossom Room every night." "What for?" '"To keep them out of the lobby." TOUGH days again for extras in Hollywood — but some of them got a break the other day. They were hired to play the guests at a big Jewish wedding scene. There was a banquet table, heavy with frankfurters and fruit, it being a comedy. The scene was rehearsed a half dozen times. And then everybody had to sit around and wait until they got more frankfurters. HELEN TWELVETREES, the fragile star of Pathe pictures, thinks Clark Twelvetrees, her husband, was a pretty unreasonable spouse. Anyway, she had a tale of woe to unfold in the Los Angeles divorce courts. She didn't mind particularly if he wanted to jump out of six-story hotel windows, and she didn't even object very strenuously when a three-months' hospital bill for the flight was charged to her. She did mind, however, when he got drunk and beat her up. At least, that's what she told the judge. EVERYBODY felt sorry for little Maureen O'Sullivan when she was first brought to this country by Fox to play the lead opposite John McCormack. Everybody thought she was just a poor little kid from Dublin. Well, don't waste your tears. She was quite a social bud in Ireland with an independent income and she supervised her own poultry farm which netted her about $150 a week besides. Hollywood finds her strange and shy, but in the old home town she was one of the most sought after debutantes. TETTA GOUDAL has been forgiven, after a J temporary fall from grace. It looked for a time, after that $30,000 lawsuit against Cecil B. De Mille, that the fall might be permanent. Producers may not have such a thing as an actual "blacklist," but they do not look with favor on temperamental stars. But Jetta has been given a job at M-G-M, and right on the same lot with C. B. She will play the leading role in the French version of "Unholy Night." Dorothy Sebastian enacted the same role in the English production. Jetta would undoubtedly prefer an English assignment, since her accent is slight, but, at least, the ice is broken after a long, cold winter. TOAN CRAWFORD has mastered her fear J of horses and actually rides one in her new picture "Montana Moon." The other day she was telling about her first experience with horses. She had no more than gotten settled in the saddle when the horse proceeded to run away and throw her. "That was the time," said a friend, "to go right out and get on another horse." "I did," said Joan, "three years later." IT seems that, after all, Norma Talmadge doesn't give two hoots, not even one good hoot, if Joan Bennett has the star role in the talking version of "Smilin' Through." Every advertisement in PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE is ituaranteed. •