Photoplay (Jan-Jun 1930)

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Photoplay Magazine for April, 1930 II3 If you remember your motion picture history you haven't forgotten Norma as the wistful shadow bride, earthbound. Norma has no desire to do that play again. "I don't want to go back," said Norma in answer to these letters. "Every day is a new day. 'Smilin' Through' came at the right time after the war when people needed consolation, enshrinement of their dead. But now, well, it is another day.'' I DO wish these "foreign" actors would watch their accents a little closer! Imagine my embarrassment, at a recent party, when a glamorous importation from Paris began saying dese, dem and dose. She must have made a long, long stopover under the Brooklyn Bridge ! RUTH CHATTERTON has introduced a new fad into Hollywood. Hold everything while we tell you about it. It is a draped sort of business, and underneath it she wears some mighty fancy bloomers, of all things. Ever}' once in a while, if you pay attention, and everybody does as a matter of course, you catch a glimpse of the fancy bloomers. Ruth wears 'em when she's hostessing at teas. JUST as tf Mae Murray didn't have trouble enough with all of the other lawsuits, the United States Government says that the colorful Mae is a "squatter." And no lady likes to be called a "squatter." Mae erected her elaborate Spanish villa on the seashore. The City of Los Angeles maintains that Mae's residence is built on land made by accretions from the sea below the mean high tide line, while the rear end stands on land which legally belongs to the United States Government. It's all very involved, and poor old Cal can't make head or tail of it. Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned it, at all. WELL, well, well! Our old pal Du Barry, the French bad girl first immortalized by Pola Negri, is getting another whack at pictures. And who's playing her but Norma Talmadge. And listen to the title of the picture! "The Flame of the Flesh"— no less. Whoops ! JEANETTE MacDONALD and John J Decker, caricaturist, have just truced a war that begun at the Greenwich Village Theater in New York years ago. Now they're both in Hollywood — Jeanette going big at Paramount ; Decker caricaturing the stars. "But," asked nosey old Cal, "what started the feud between you two in the first place?" "Well," smiled Jeanette, "I bent over to pick something up, and John happened to have a broom in his hand." A LL of the jokes about Eugene O'Neill's ■* "-endurance test drama "Strange Interlude," may be in for a revival with a cinematic flavor. According to report — merely a report, mind you — it is quite likely that this will be Lillian Gish's next picture for United Artists. The O'Neill drama, which revived the Shakespearean aside, took six hours to perform, the audience taking time out for "sandwiches" and such things. At any rate, Lillian is leaving for Paris to confer with O'Neill on the play. As if that weren't enough exciting news, it is probable that Ronald Colman will play the leading male role, and that Henry King will direct. There you have the trio responsible for that beautiful picture, "The White Sister." Lillian has never held a brief for sophisticated roles. In fact, for a small woman, she made a big protest about John Gilbert's kisses II hree bitter prophecies to haunt a lovely head 1"1HE first droop in her once-proud chinline,the first small . furrow at eyes or mouth, the first lines in her satiny throat — how every woman dreads them! Those are the three silent prophecies of double chin, deep wrinkles, and crepy-textured throat. If you would keep your face and throat free from lines, your chinline clear-cut and young, follow the simple, scientific treatments that Dorothy Gray evolved. You can give yourself these treatments at home, in just a few moments a day. The same preparations proved successful in the salon treatments are sold at leading shops everywhere. Send the coupon for the valuable booklet which explains the Dorothy Gray method. DOROTHY GRAY Dorothy Gray Building 6B3 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CHICAGO LOS ANGELES SAN FRANCISCO WASHINGTON ATLANTIC CITY " P-4-30 DOROTHY GRAY, Six Ei^hty-Tliree Fifth Avenue, New York Please send me (lie new Dorothv Gray Booklet. '"Your Dowry of Beautv." I am particularly interested in: n The Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles C The Treatment for Doubie Chin D The Treatment for Relaxed Muscles and Crepy Throat. Address . City When you write to advertisers please mention PHOTOPLAY MAGAZIXE.