Photoplay (Jul-Dec 1945)

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M O D E S S " the napkin with the triple-proved DEODORANT YES... AND DID YOU KNOW IT WAS PROVEO TOPS IN 2.6 SEPARATE TESTS BY IMPARTIAL LABORATORIES, TOO ? NOT ONLY THAT— BUT— LISTEN.' it's PROVED A WONDERFUL HIT WITH GIRLS whoVe tried the NEW MODESSf HERES WHAT I CALL CONVINCING PROOF ; MOPESS SCIENTISTS PROVED IN ADVANCE THAT THEIR NEW DEODORANT WAS EFFECTIVE ! YOU'RE IN FOR a happy surprise when you switch to Modess — the luxury napkin with the triple-proved deodorant. It’s so much easier to stay dainty, now. NO SEPARATE POWDER! No extra cost! MODESS IS SOFTER, TOO! 3 out of 4 women found it softer to the touch in a nationwide poll. AND IT'S SAFER! 209 nurses, in hospital tests, proved Modess less likely to strike through than nationally known layertype napkins. Ask for that luxurious new Modess today. Box of 12 only 22f!. If vou’d rather have Modess without deodorant, just ask for "Standard Modess.” P M M FREE! Send now for “Growing Up and Liking It” — a bright, modern booklet on the how and why of menstruation. Write Martha Steele, Personal Products Corp., Box 343-E, Milltown, N. J. (Continued from page 64) would have to bring dignity, application, understanding and great forbearance. Each day you would have to be a living example of the truth that intellect, accomplishment, humor and potential contribution to human welfare are never confined to any one race. But the decision lies with you alone. Go to the school you prefer — the one you feel offers what you want. Claudette Colbert Dear Miss Colbert: I am in the service and am married. One of my friends aboard ship asked me to go home with him for a weekend, so I went. I met his mother, who is forty-nine. After that, I visited with my friend’s family whenever possible, but I was knocked flat when his mother started to write to me every day. I did not take this too seriously. I answered in a friendly way, but her. letters were filled with love. Then she started to write my wife saying we were in love. My wife and I are separated now because of it. The lady sends me gifts, has separated from her husband; she even told friends that we were going to be married. I am very fond of this woman, but I am not in love with her. I don’t want to insult her, as her son and I are still good friends. He says his mother has never been very happy, and that maybe she is trying a little too late, but he is very easy on her. How can I get out of this gracefully? Henry B. G/m 3/c Dear Mr. B: It seems a great shame to me that you have allowed your friendship with this older woman to break up not only your marriage but her own, and you alone hold the key to the situation. You should immediately stop writing to this older woman; you should send back every gift and let her know you don’t want to hear from her again. You should send your wife a copy of the letter you write to the older woman to assure her of the ending of this affair. It may take you some time to win back your wife and this will be good for you, for you alone have allowed this situation to come to pass and it will take a great deal of mending on your part. You say in your letter that you don’t want to insult her as you and her son are good friends. You are not being a good friend to him, as you have apparently broken up his home. You are really being kind to the older woman in breaking with her. You have allowed her to live in a rosy dream due either to kind heartedness or love of the gifts. Claudette Colbert Have you a problem which seems to have no solution? W ould you like the thoughtful advice of C^iauJette CJU? If you would, write to her in care of Photoplay, 8949 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 4, California, and if Miss Colbert feels that your problem is of general interest, she’ll consider answering it here. Names and addresses will be held confidential for your protection. 66 •-rrm= =rrm