Photoplay (Jul-Dec 1945)

Record Details:

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marriage would work out. Sometimes, as I say, when Phil was in the Coast Guard, I was unhappy, but I’m sure it was just war jitters. “He has brought so much to my life. He really taught me that there are trees and lakes and fish in the world. I was just a Brooklyn girl who didn’t know anything about such wonderful things. “We try to keep our lives running parallel. Phil is back in pictures again and that made me think of returning. You see, there are always a number of reasons that make us change the pattern of our lives. We think we have it all set and then comes a ‘Fallen Angel,’ a young daughter’s questions and a husband who runs you competition, and you reset everything. I suppose it’s fate.” Alice may be career conscious again but her home will certainly fulfill her life too. It is not unusual for her to bring Alice Jr. to the studio and before long Phyllis will also be paying a visit to the set. Alice doesn’t put up barricades between her professional activities and her personal, which is one of the very wonderful things about her. Alice Jr.’s stray ings with her mother often lead to quaint incidents. What’s more she has an insatiable curiosity about opening doors. At Twentieth recently she was walking through the halls of the Administration Building and heard the sound of a typewriter busily clicking. She had been told by her parents to stop opening doors, in fact, had been severely reprimanded, so this time she knocked instead. A voice from within shouted, “Come in!” It was Walter Winchell. She walked into the office and said: “I’m Baby Alice. What’s your name?” Winchell gave her his full name. “Where’s your baby?” she next queried. She was told that Mr. Winchell’s baby was now a grown-up young lady. This did not seem to impress Alice Jr. for some reason or other. She then asked: ‘Where’s your mommy?” And before the answer could be flashed, she followed up with lightning speed: “Why doesn’t she bring you to the studio, like my mommy?”— and then disappeared. And that is one of the few times Winchell didn’t have a fast answer. Another time lately she almost drove her father to distraction, by firing questions at him while he was rushing to get to a rehearsal. Phil was wearing navy blue slacks. Alice Jr. kept insisting they were her mother’s pajamas and that he should take them off. He repeated over and over again that the trousers were his own and finally, in desperation, exclaimed: “Quit asking so many foolish questions, Alice!” She paused a moment thoughtfully and then said, “Daddy, how do you want me to ask them so you’ll answer?” Alice Jr. adores her baby sister, but she isn’t permitting her to take the spotlight. When she feels that Phyllis is getting too much attention, she suddenly becomes very solicitous about the baby’s welfare and suggests that she looks sleepy and should be put to bed. “That’s about the only time the two children don’t make up a mutual admiration society,” Alice commented, “When jealousy intrudes! It’s wonderful to watch them. Phyllis just gurgles along in her own language and Alice Jr. keeps up a steady flow of conversation with her, and they understand each other perfectly. “Anyway, Alice Jr. is a character, that I know. She is in a half dream world most of the time, so busy trying to find out something that she practically knocks herself out while doing it. “We’ll probably have quite a girl on our JANET BLAIR AND MARC PLATT IN COLUMBIA'S HIT, "TARS AND SPARS" YOU: How lovely to have soft hands like yours. Miss Blair. JANET BLAIR: It’s easy— with the right care. YOU: What care do you use? JANET BLAIR: Oh, I usc Jeigens Lotion. The Hollywood Stars, 7 to I, use Jergens Lotion JERGENS LOTION For good reasons! For lovely protection against rough hands. Jergens Lotion provides a softness-safeguard for your skin. No girl’s hands are “hopeless”. Two ingredients in Jergens are so suitable for helping unpleasant, coarse skin toward “sweeter-than-dreams” smoothness— they’re just what many a doctor prescribes. Never sticky. None of that oiliness. 10^ to $1.00 (plus tax). Use this hand care of the Starsthis famous Jergens Lotion. FOR THE SOFTEST, ADORABLE, HANDS USE p M 69