Photoplay Studies (1940)

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Number 11 Seventeen or remark is particularly true to life in the picture? 3. Can you justify the changes that have been made in this transference of the novel to the screen ? 4. Why would the picture appeal to both old and young? 5. Would it appeal equally to old and young? 6. In many respects the picture has been modernized. Give examples. 7. What scenes in the picture seem to you particularly humorous? 8. In the picture, what elements of the original story have been retained? 9. Do you think there are any situations in the novel which should have been used in the picture and were not? 10. Do you think Jackie Cooper fits the part? Why? 11. Do you think Betty Field fits the part? Why? 12. Do you consider that Mr. and Mrs. Baxter acted as intelligent parents would? Give examples to back up your opinion. 13. Can you give examples of the mother's sympathetic understanding? 14. When did Willie think he was behaving like Sydney Carton? 15. Give correct pronunciations for some words that Willie mispronounced. 16. If the play were about a girl instead of an adolescent boy, what age would you use for the title? 17. Does the play portray family relationships realistically? FOR HISTORY CLASSES 1. What had Willie learned about French History from A Tale of Two Cities? Tell something about Sidney Carton, if you can. 2. What in the photoplay was changed from the novel in order to make the story seem thoroughly up-to-date? 3. From the changes made in the script what do you learn about customs and manners of twenty-five years ago? 4. Why does the photoplay portray Lola as sophisticated rather than the baby-talk type? FOR SCIENCE CLASSES What improvements in photography in the last quarter of a century have made possible the present striking cinematography? FOR ART CLASSES Give examples of good pictorial composition in the groupings. What is Willie's problem? Why doesn't Joe approve? Why is Willie counting shingles? What is the comic minor climax of the scene?