A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI (1916) 67 Oliver Morosco produced An International Marriage, overflowing with counts, earls, dukes, marquises, and American heiresses. Above, Courtenay Foote is try- ing to argue Rita Jolivet into something or other. ABOVE RIGHT The newly formed Triangle company was anything but idle. One of its stars was Douglas Fairbanks, who had come to pictures in 1915 with an estab- lished stage reputation in light comedy. He appears above, with Bessie Love, in a scene from The Good Bad Man, a Triangle production of 1916. BELOW Universal brought the great dancer, Anna Pavlova, to the screen in its production of The Dumb Girl of Portici. In this scene she is seated, with Lois Weber and Douglas Gerrard standing beside her. Phillips Smalley, behind the camera, and Lois Weber di- rected the film.