A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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78 GRIFFITH TURNS A PAGE J. Warren Kerrigan appeared in other than Westerns. For instance, Universal starred him and Lois Wilson in good, clean, wholesome pictures, of which the above is a good sample. Miss Wilson went from teaching school to acting in pictures. To her sorrow she was always cast as a goody-goody girl. ABOVE KIGHT Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, while not written for her, was obvious starring material for Mary Pickford. Paramount made it in 1917. BELOW Remember "Have you a little fairy in your home?" and the child's picture that accompanied the fa- mous Fairy Soap slogan? That was Madge Evans, who became a child star in the movies and was one of the few to play leading roles after she grew up. She appears here in a scene from The Adventures of Carol, made by World Pictures in 1917. Behind her are Jack Drumier and Kate Lester. '