A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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HEARTS OF THE WORLD (1918) 83 HE Hearts of the World was laid mainly in a small French village overrun by the Germans. Prominent in it were three French children whose mother had been killed and who, not daring to venture outside their house, buried her in the cellar. The small boy at the left is Ben Alexander, a famous child actor of the time. ABOVE RIGHT The Vision of the Loved One was immensely popu- lar in those days. You could never be sure when her face might pop out from a blank wall or an open fire. Bryant Washburn, for instance, shows no exces- sive signs of amazement at seeing Wanda Hawley peering out from the theme song of The Gypsy Trail. BELOW Clara Kimball Young was another favorite, her spe- cialty being wronged wives. Starting with Vitagraph in 1912, by 1918 she headed her own producing unit. In this scene from The Better Wife the man is Nigel Barrie (just back from serving in the BEF). The boy is Ben Alexander.