A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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98 THE TWENTIES The gentleman about to end it all is George B. Seitz, who directed some of the Pearl White serials when he wasn't acting in them. Directing serials, with their constant demand for action and more action, was an exacting task, but a wonderful training school. Seitz is now one of M-G-M's star directors, with— among others— the Andy Hardy series to his credit. The man at the left is Walter McGrail, a famous 1920 villain. Next comes, of course, Miss White, with Wallace McCutcheon entering through the window. BELOW Warner Oland, born in Sweden, became, by a twist of Hollywood fate, a specialist in Oriental roles. Long before he plaved the benignant Charlie Chan, he was the principal menace in many a Pearl White opus. Here he is about to do something pretty sinister to a lamp, oblivious to Miss White's rather peculiar choice of nook to rest in.