A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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104 THE TWENTIES In Mamaroneck, New York, on the shores of Long Island Sound, Griffith had built a replica of a New England farm. Here and in upper New York State he filmed one of the most famous tear-jerkers of all time, Way Down East. The story was sure-fire and exactly fitted the talents of his two stars, Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess. In the scene above, the stem head of the home orders the erring woman, Lillian Gish, out into the cold. Lowell Sherman, third from left, is the villain, and Richard Barthel- mess, at the end of the table, is tire hero who will rescue her. In back of the flowers is Mary Hay (who became Mrs. Barthelmess) and next to her, with glasses, Creighton Hale. BELOW In 1920, Cecil B. DeMille directed a star cast in Feet of Clay. In this scene, Ricardo Cortez sits at the left. In the deck chair is Rod La Rocque, with Julia Faye just behind him. To the right of her is Robert Edeson, with William Boyd next to him. Between them, eying the captain with apprehen- sion, is Vera Reynolds.