A pictorial history of the movies (1943)

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122 THE TWENTIES Remember that young extra in The Goat, back in 1919? Time passed, and by 1922 Ramon Samanie- gos, the extra, had become Ramon Novarro, the clashing young figure of Metro's The Prisoner of Zenda. Rex Ingram directed, with a skill and confi- dence born of his triumph with The Four Horse- men. Novarro is on the left, with Stuart Holmes on the right. The girl is Barbara La Marr. That costume is a hobble skirt. BELOW Griffith had a not-too-prosperous year. His One Excit- ing Night, a mystery melodrama, fared mildly well. Audiences seemed to be growing tired of the help- less bit of innocent femininity who aroused the beast in men. Here is winsome Carol Dempster arousing.