Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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FNi .yc, ✓4. M. Chisholm, with his favorite "dawg," a Chesa~ peake, known as "Windermere Ted," snapped near the author's home in British Columbia. A Big Book About Big Men in the Big Woods When A. M. Chisholm sits down to write about the life that he sees all about him in his valley home in British Columbia, every lover of good fiction has a real treat in store. Chisholm never did a better job than this latest book of his which he calls The Red-headed Kids Here is the story of a group of roughneck lumberjacks who try to put something over on a red-headed youngster and live to regret it. In the pages of this stirring novel, there is all the sweep of the wind on the mountains that Mr. Chisholm knows so well. He paints with a wide brush and great colors, and once you have started his book, there's no putting it aside until you come to the dramatic conclusion. "The Red-headed Kids," by A. M. Chisholm, is published by Chelsea House, one of the oldest and best-established firms in the country. Ask for it at your dealer's and ask at the same time to see the others in the Chelsea House line. Price $2.00 Net Published by HELSEA MOUSE PUBLISHER nee 79-89 SEVENTH AVE-. NEW YORK CITY $2.00 Net