Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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31 Wives Released Florence Vidor and Irene Rich, the neglected wives By Myrtle Gebhart new and delightful Irene. For years she has been identified with tearful, neglected wifehood. W h i 1 e hubby went a-hunting for amusement, she remained dutifully on watch 'beside the infant's crib, mending socks and sighing. "Lady Windermere's Fan" presents her as an indiscreet lady of the fashionable world. From her shadowy corner she steps into glamour, bejeweled, and swathed in rich vel "I am learning to act all over again," Irene says blithely, "constantly pulling myself out of the sorrowful moods which the click of the camera always have meant for me. When I feel myself slumping, |I think, 'Remember the red wig !' and try to live up to its challenge." The oval at the right and the standing figure show the transformed Irene Rich of the red wig. The other two pictures show her in parts typical of her before her transformation. vet decollete plus — vibrantly alluring. "I noticed her lightness and grace as the queen in 'Rosita,' " Lubitsch says, giving his reasons for liberating the imprisoned butterfly from her cocoon. "Typification — bah ! Too long she cried and held back. She has charm and sophistication and delicacy. Therefore the red wig. Red vitalizes. It animates her personality."