Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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Hollywood High Lights 71 wyn, and replaced with a new one made her dizzy for days. Betty Bronson is also reported recently to have secured a substantial increase for herself, and to have demonstrated, while doing so, that she was an excellent . business woman. Betty hasn't invested in a Rolls-Royce yet, but she may soon be able to do so. For a youngster, however, who is suddenly coming into wealth, she is not lured in the least by ostentatious glitter. For one thing, she is still one of the simplest and most girlish dressers in the colony. Marie Prevost left Warner Brothers recently and joined V Metropolitan Pictures, and is now said to be getting about twenty-five hundred dollars a week for her services instead of two thousand dollars as heretofore. She is to be starred in a series productions. Louise Fazenda renewed with Warner Brothers at a higher figure than she has been getting. Willard Louis signed up again at the same time, while Jane Winton joined the same organization. Charles de Roche and June Marlowe, formerly with Warners, are now free lancing. And that very promising girl. Georgia Hale, who played the lead in "The Gold Rush" opposite Chaplin, has been signed up by Paramount, and will be featured by them. Chaplin was really desirous of retaining her as his leading woman, but as the offer from Paramount meant so much for Miss Hale's future, both in money and opportunity, he exhibited his good sportsmanship by granting her a release from her contract with him. Opposite Charlie in his forthcoming picture, "The Circus," will be seen Merna Kennedy, a newcomer, whom Charlie first discovered in the Coast production of the musical comedy, "All for You," in which she appeared as a cigar-stand girl. Miss Kennedy is unlike either Edna Purviance or Georgia Hale. She has auburn hair and dark eyes, and is decidedly an animated type. of Marion Davies disguises herself as a boy in "Beverly of Graustark," but she can't resist snatching one or two flirtations. recent. Though for a long time he has had few consequential parts to play, Walthall's acting has always been of the finest. A Reel Romance. The matter of falling in love with an actor while seeing him on the screen can't be taken as a joke any more. And the recent marriage of Roy d'Arcy to Mrs. Laura Rhinock Duffy goes to prove it. D'Arcy, as you know, played the Crown Prince of the inevitable smile and gleaming white teeth in "The Merry Widow." Mrs. Duffy's first glimpse of him was when she saw the picture some months ago at the New / York premiere. She was attracted to him and made up her mind to become acquainted with him. She was introduced by mutual friends, as her father is prominently identified with the MetroGoldwyn-Mayer organization, when she came to California a short time ago, and the two were married on New Year's Eve during the festivities at the Biltmore Hotel. D'Arcy's entrance into pictures was very He was a discovery of Erich von Stroheim. An Old Favorite Progresses. Henry Walthall is going to have a chance for a big comeback in "The Unknown Soldier," in which he will be featured by Renaud Hoffman. For a long time, Walthall has been doing supporting parts, but this production means a chance for the renewal of his stardom, and he may also win one of the big Warfield plays later on. He is considered a very likely candidate for "The Grand Army Man." Walthall has had an exceptionally good year in pictures. "The Barrier," in which he recently completed work, gives him a fine opportunity for a character interpretation. He also figured quite / importantly in the plot of / "Three Faces East," the war grv | mystery feature. I A Celestial Comedy. Tired of the earth and its customs and conventions, our comedians are now turning their eyes heavenward for an inspiration. One of them, at least, Raymond Griffith, proposes a film voyage extraordinary, the title of which will be "The Ship That Sailed to Mars." Yes, it's really the name of a picture, and you can readily guess that it will be something wildly fantastic. Griffith is to have the assistance of Magician Roy C. Pomeroy, who contrived the Red Sea opening in Cecil B. De Mille's "The Ten Commandments," to assist him in making his journey to the neighboring planet ; and no doubt, in the process of the filming of the picture, he will settle, to the satisfaction of the fans at any rate, the moot question as to whether or not Mars is inhabited, and by what. "On the mark! Get set!" and Joan Crawford is off for a quick, after-swim sprint. Shades of Robin Hood. Instead of the question being, "Who will have the finest home in Beverly Hills?" •the one now before the stars who are contemplating building residences there, seems to be, "Who will have the most elaborate waterfall?" A home without a beautiful series of cascades rambling down the hillside is now considered worse than no home at all. Harold Lloyd's plans for his new place comprise the creating of a waterfall with a one-hundred-foot drop, and Buster Keaton plans a somewhat similar feature. The Keaton waterfall will empty into a swimming pool, and should add considerably to the .exciter " : ment of aquatic parties held on his es