Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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88 Dressing How some players can get what by a skillful choice of clothes, On the other hand, Adrienne Dore purposely keeps her long, brown curls and wears fluffy, bouffant dresses, so that she may be picked as an ingenue. Bv Mom type, will find herself as doomed to a life of routine as when, at home, she was balancing the hooks of the Fifth National Bank, or clerking in one of Mr. Woolworth's nickelodeons. And this in spite of the fact that, theoretically, versatility should be the supreme accomplishment of any actor. And so our heroine, who is inspired to depart from her usual mode of screen expression, will probably smother her ambitions after an experience of this kind, or else change her type off the screen before she tries to change it on. Be it known, in short, that Hollywood judges from appearances. Thus, if for some reason there comes an increased demand tor a certain type, the wise player Nitd Naldi is of an Oriental type anyway, but she. has made her identification with vamp roles even more certain by always wearing sophisticated gowns and bizarre ornaments. large Jimmy Quinn, portrayer of hard-boiled characters, is scarcely ever to be seen in anything but a tightfitting, flashily striped suit and a brown derby. AN Oriental vamp was wanted. r\ Before the somewhat skeptical casting director, a blond-irie, peaches-and-cream. Dresdenchina doll was throwing a flock of Hollywood hysterics "But I can play that vamp part ! What does it matter what I look like? It's all a matter of acting. I feel it — I know I could play it !" she tearfully insisted. "What ! with that canary mop and that baby stare ? You're not the type at all ! This part calls for a heartless gold digger. Ten years from now, you may look like a regular gimme girl, but nou' " With a scoffing laugh, the casting director bowed the tearful youngster out of his office. Every young girl who comes to Hollywood must face this sort of scene sooner or later ; she finds that types are distinct and that casting directors follow the line of least resistance. Their files catalogue people as rigidly and cruelly as any public-library index lists books as fiction or nonfiction. So despite all this palaver about art and careers, the girl who comes to Hollvwood as a changes his or her type to suit. It's a relatively simple affair, demanding only adroitness and ingenuity. Our little ingenue, if she wants to take the sporting chance. \ can select a modiste — whose skill and JL reputation will depend largely upon the M relative elasticity of the ingenue's bank Jjjj account— and trick herself out in strikingly colored gowns which are maturely sophisticated in line. Corresponding jewelry, of bizarre and unusual note, will likewise become a permanent accessory to her wardrobe. Before many weeks, an elongated, exotically carved cigarette holder will become an indispensable feature of her effects. Her bob. by artful aid of bandoline, will assume a strange, temperamental ap pearance, as the curls dissolve into sleek simplicitv. She'll dispense with that childish, naive stare, and in its place will be born a slow, knowing smile, tinged with a dash of bitter EricMayne, because of the senatorial aspect that he maintains in his beard and mustache, is in constant demand for such parts as lawyers, doctors, bank presidents, and generals. Photo by Witzel