Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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118 Advertising Section Lose 30 lbs. Qain 15 Years Most over-fat people would look 15 years younger if tla-y lost 30 pounds in weight. And that is easily done in the right way. The right way is Marmola Prescription Tablets. For 18 years they have been eliminating fat. You see the results in every circle now. Excess fat is not one-tenth so common as it was. Marmola combats the cause of the trouble, which usually lies in a gland. No abnormal exercise or diet is required, Simply take four tablets daily until you reach the weight desired. So many people do this that over 100.000 boxes of Marmola are now consumed each month. Investigate Marmola. Excess fat is inexcusable today. Youth and beauty, health and fitness demand normal weight. The coupon will bring you our books on Marmola, some samples and our guarantee. Clip it now. Marmola is sold by all druggists at $1.00 per box, or mailed direct in plain wrappers by Marmola Co. Address in coupon. The Pleasant Way to Reduce Information, Please Continued from page 102 MARMOLA 2-235 General Motors Bldg. DETROIT. MICH. 25c Sample Free Mail Coupon Send No Money 32C. What Secrets Does It Reveal? The Way Yon Write Discloses the Whole Mystery of Your Personality— and Shows Your Specif-I Qualities and Capabilities. Have you an undeveloped ,<a power of personal magnetism ? Are you often '"misunderstood"? Is your nature capable of strong affections and passions ? What qualities should you seek in a husband or wife to balance your own nature? Should you never marry at all? Have you an unsuspected talent for business, art, music, writing? These and hundreds of other fascinating truths are clearly revealed by your It shows what qualities and what talents you possess, uncovering many which you did not even suspect. It gives you knowledge of the innermost depths of your nature that will guide you in your career, your affections and your domestic life. It is a better guide than your closest friends or loved ones. Tou would be astounded at the remarkable things your handwriting can tell about vou. PRIVATE READING— Send for Special Offer! Send today for full details about my special offer for a complete personal and confidential reading of your bandwriting. I have performed tliis service for many thousands of individuals and for banks, trust companies and many big industries. Let me do it for TOTJ. Address Louise Rice, Modern Research Society, Dept. H-468, 132 West 31st St., New York City. LOUISE RICE America's Foremost Graphologist handwriting. Clinton Rittenhouse. — So you bet me a week's tips I can't answer your questions? Even if you win that bet, you lose — my week's tips are on the minus side — outgo rather than income! Of course, if you make questions that are impossible for me to answer — such as, can I tell you how you can get Betty Bronson to write you a personal letter — I'm afraid it can't be done. But the only possible way is to write her one first, and ask for an answei. Betty has two brothers ; her mother is living, but I don't know whether her father is or not. If you go to Hollywood, there are no studios which will admit you as a visitor unless you know some one connected with the making of pictures who will take you inside. Crystal Gazer. — So Picture-Play is as indispensable as your toothbrush? I see you believe in cleanliness, even in your reading matter. On page 83 of the July issue there was an article that told something about Hayford Hobbs. Yes, I understand Tallulah Bankhead is a great success in London ; she has never played in American films to my knowledge. Dorothy Dalton retired from the screen when she married Arthur Hammerstein a few years ago. Constance Bennett has also retired, unfortunately. You have probably read by now the interview with Jetta Goudal that appeared in the May PicturePlay. I'll ask for the other interviews that you want. A Ronald Colman Fan Club wishes to be announced. Any one interested may obtain further information from Miss Alice Reynolds, 601 Pearl Street, Bluefield, West Virginia. Alice Reynolds. — It really seems too bad to kill a handsome man, even in a movie, doesn't it? The one killed by Ricardo Cortez in "Argentine Love" was Marc Gonzales. M. M. S. — Richard Dix's real name is Pete Brimmer. As to the type of girl he likes best, I don't know that he prefers any special type. He has at various times been reported engaged to Lois Wilson, and is frequently seen with her at parties, so it is safe to assume that he likes her type, anyhow. Dick has never been married. For further information about him, see the answer to G. P. A., elsewhere in this department. Anonymous. — I've never even tried giving advice to the lovelorn. Stars don't make personal-appearance tours when they are busy working in pictures — a film appearance keep; them before a much greater percentage of the public at once. No, May McAvoy is not married. She has been reported engaged to Robert Agncw since the rumored engagement to Glenn Hunter. Glenn, according to report, may play the lead in the film version of "An American Tragedy." Robert Agnew's address is listed below. Leslie Fenton's new pictures are "Sandy," "The Shamrock Handicap," and "Dangers of a Great City." Slicums. — Do you really think the fans would kick you sky high because you don't like sheiks? If there are any fans who can kick that high, I should certainly like to know about it ! They'd be useful at a flying field to start the airplanes. I think perhaps the vogue for sheiks is dving out. Yes, Dorothy Sebastian played Polly in "Sackcloth and Scarlet," and Alice Terry was the older sister. Richard Talmadge isn't married. Jack Hoxie's wife is Marin Sais. I'll tell the editor you would like to see rotogravure pictures of Jack, Billie Dove, Warner Baxter, and Antonio Moreno. They will doubtless all appear from time to time. The Helen Ferguson Friendship Club wishes to announce its first birthday, with over three hundred members. They are conducting a contest with an evening dress as the prize. Dues, twenty-five cents. Further information may be obtained from the club president, Miss Julia David, 98 Waltham Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Jamie Hess. — Miss Lillian Partos is very anxious to get in touch with you. You can reach her at 12 East Ninety-seventh Street, New York City. Marie Bradley, Esther Miller. — I see you address me as "Dear Miss." Well, I've been taken amiss before. Richard Dix's newest picture is "Say It Again," unless the name has been changed again. For further information, see M. M. S. Yes, Lila Lee still plays on the screen ; she appeared opposite Thomas Meighan in his recent picture, "The New Klondike." Johnny Hines was born in Golden, Colorado, July 25, 1895. He is five feet nine inches tall, weighs one hundred and fifty pounds, and has dark hair and brown eyes. Miss Saucy. — Your letter doesn't sound very saucy, but perhaps it's the way you look rather than the way you write. Prince Youcca Troubetzkoy was born in San Francisco while his parents were traveling in this country. He is about six feet one, and has blond hair. He is in his twenties. Edmund Burns was born in Philadelphia in 1897, and was educated there. He was in the brokerage business before he went on the stage. After some theatrical experience in a stock company, he began to play in pictures. "East is West," a Constance Talmadge film, was the first picture in which he had a real role. Edmund is just under six feet, weighs one hundred and forty pounds, and has dark-brown hair and eyes. He isn't married. Joseph Schildkraut was born in Vienna, about thirty years ago ; he is five feet eleven inches, weighs one hundred and fifty-nine pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. William Boyd was born in Cambridge, Ohio — he doesn't say when. He is a blond, with blue eyes, is six feet one inch, and weighs one hundred and seventy pounds. Rough Rider. — Of course you didn't mean to say it, but what you said was that you love Western pictures and "never fail to miss one !" I certainly never fail to "miss" one when I can help it ! Josie Sedgwick doesn't give her age. She is five feet five inches, weighs one hundred and thirty pounds, and is a brunette, with dark-gray eyes. I don't know anything about Barbara Worth, but I suspect she took her name from Harold Bell Wright's heroine. Jack Hoxie was born in Oklahoma, and grew up on a .cattle ranch. He is a blond, six feet tall, and weighs one hundred and ninety-eight pounds. Tom Mix's daughter Ruth is in her late teens : I don't know much else about her, as it is only recently that she has been connected with the screen. The Mary Philbin Club, with Miss Philbin as honorary president, wishes to invite new members. Any one interested may write to the club's secretary. Miss Agnes Rode, 3111 Eighth Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois. An Esther Ralston Fan Club has been organized, with Esther Ralston as honorary president. All of Miss Ralston's Continued on p:ige 120