Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1926)

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18 7 6 GOLDEN ANNIVEKSAKr 19 2 6 Candy — The Universal Gift — Appropriate and appreciated always — Bunte Brothers A 'LOVE" game always results when you match your summer candy appetite with Diana "Stuft" Confections. These thin . . . crispy . . . sugar shells "Stuft" . . . with pure . . . luscious fruit-jams . . . nuts and marmalades . . . are ideal for every summer sport or playtime. The sugar shells are purposely paper-thin to hold more of the fruit-jams we make ourselves from the true fruit. Every pound contains 160 pieces — 21 varieties. They go four times as far. Give the children all they want. They are pure as your own candy. Crunch their crispy lusciousness between your teeth— you will demand the genuine ever after. At good shops in air-tight containers. 2% oz. jars, 20c; 4 oz., 30c; 9 oz., 50c; 16 oz., 75c — or in air-tight decorated tins. Pacific Coast prices slightly higher. Keep a tin at home always. They will keep fresh indefinitely. Look for the name — "Bunte" — for 50 years your purity protection. Demand the genuine. BUNTE BROTHERS • CHICAGO A Suggestion — Try Happy Home Mixture, too — the Bunte Candy with hard and "Stuft" centers WORLD FAMOUS CANDIES DIANA "Stuft Co n f c ctions LrtB 0?9