Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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mm Does Romance Die at Thirty-two? « Just what is the life span of Romance? Must a woman of thirty-two bury herself in homework? Must she sit, mouselike, night after night, while her husband is absorbed with his business affairs? These were the thoughts that ran through the mind of pretty Romola Yentnor, as she went about her comfortable suburban home, caring for her children, living the monotonous life of the commuter's wife. And then there was a chance meeting with an old schoolmate, a sudden fanning of hidden flames, and Romola's world was turned upside down. What happened after that is told in masterful fashion in The Awakening of Romola A Love Story by ANNE O'HAGAN The fact that this book is one of the famous Chelsea House publications indicates to the discriminating fiction reader that here is something well out of the ordinary. Whether they are love stories, Western stories, detective stories, stories of adventure, Chelsea House books are always good reading. Ask your dealer. 75 Cents ffiSEA HOUSE PUBLISH^ 75 Cents